Over the years, Mixed Martial Arts has emerged as the fastest-growing sport in the world. The greatest contributor to its soaring popularity is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which promotes MMA year-round with a variety of exhilarating fights and events.

As the demand for MMA rose in prominence, many developers began to use it as inspiration for various video games. MMA sports have also become very popular in the sports betting world with UK Zimpler online casinos, that you can find here, also jumping on the bandwagon. The main goal of these games was to give fans of combat sports a form of entertainment in between events and provide them with a realistic simulation that would allow them to get in on the action.

While the availability of Xbox MMA game titles may not be as diverse as more mainstream sports such as football or basketball, some of these games will have you hooked. This is exactly what we’ll be discussing on this page. So read on to discover the best MMA fighting games for Xbox and choose one to elevate your gaming experience. Like receiving 100 free spins these games are designed to thrill.

Top MMA Games On Xbox


UFC Undisputed 3

Released in 2012, UFC Undisputed 3 was ahead of its time with its extremely well-designed structure and next-generation graphics that rivalled all others and made for a truly immersive experience. It also features on-screen mini-games, a realistic Career mode, Create-A-Fighter mode, and the standard single and multiplayer options. Despite being released over a decade ago, UFC Undisputed 3 remains prevalent in the gaming industry to this very day and is often considered to be the best MMA game to have ever been made.

EA Sports UFC 3

The third iteration of the EA Sports UFC franchise, UFC 3, was thrown into the world of gaming in 2018 as an MMA game for Xbox. This game served as an improvement to its predecessors with its realistic graphics and gameplay. It also boasts impressive visuals and facial animations with great attention to detail, personalised game modes, and customizable character developments. The game also introduced advancements to the Career Mode, which will be affected by your actions inside and outside of the octagon.

UFC Undisputed 2010

A prequel to UFC Undisputed 3, UFC Undisputed 2010 is the second MMA instalment in the UFC Undisputed series. This game was viewed as the best MMA Xbox game when it was released in 2010 and still remains at the top of the ranks. When compared to its predecessors, the game made some major improvements to the career mode and the Ultimate Fight Mode. Additionally, they added the cage wall interaction feature, which could allow players to gain an advantage in the clinch, as well as an impressive line of fighters, including unlockable characters such as Shaquille O'Neal.


EA Sports UFC 4

The latest addition to EA Sport’s long-running UFC franchise, UFC 4, was launched in 2020. It comes as a treat for both casual players and hardcore MMA fans with its simplified fighting controls. It features a roster comprising over two hundred characters and offers hyper-realistic gameplay with its improved cinch game, excellent stand-up game, new Grapple Assist mechanics, and high-quality graphics. The career mode is the game's main focus and provides an in-depth experience. Moreover, UFC 4 also features the re-tooled Online World Championships mode and the brand new, fast-paced Blitz Battles.

EA Sports MMA

Before landing an agreement with UFC, the EA Sports video game company made its debut in the world of MMA with this title in 2010. EA Sports MMA was a rival to THQ’s UFC Undisputed series that was released the same year. It is a relatively standard MMA game with a strategic pass system, smooth animations and insane graphics to go with it. The game also had a great career mode and exhibition fights for solo play. It has a solid roster that features many real-life UFC fighters and more fighting styles. Despite being outshined by EA Sports’ latest MMA releases, their original instalment still manages to encapsulate the complete UFC experience.


If you are a fan of MMA, you can’t go wrong with the abovementioned Xbox MMA games. With their realistic graphics, advanced gameplay and mechanics, various fighting styles, immersive storylines, and hundreds of real-life fighters, you can recreate the thrill of these combat fights and experience first-hand what life on the other side of the cage wall is all about.

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