Minecraft players can collect bee honey and store it in a glass bottle to use. You can use honey for many purposes. It's an important ingredient in Minecraft, so you need to farm as much honey as possible. Here are the top 4 uses of honey in Minecraft that you need to know.

#1. Make Sugar

Sugar is an essential cooking ingredient in Minecraft. You can make sugar by using honey. Put the honey in the crafting grid to make three blocks of sugar per honey bottle. It's better to produce sugar from honey than from sugarcane in Minecraft.

Honey gives you more sugar blocks than canes. To make sugar from honey, you need to have at least one bottle of this sweet liquid. Then, place it in any grid of the crafting table.

Get Honey
You can make sugar from honey.

#2. Use As Food Item

Players can also use honey as a food item in Minecraft. You can consume it to restore the health bar when you get damaged in combat against mobs, zombies, and monsters. It can also relieve your hunger a lot.

You should store as much honey as possible to consume when your character is starving or nearly die of hunger. It can save your life in fierce combat and dangerous situation when your health bar is very low.

Eat Honey
You should eat honey to restore the health bar.

#3. Remove Poison Effects

Another amazing use of honey is removing the poison effect when you eat rotten meat, accidentally drink poison potions, or are bitten by the pufferfish.

If you get poisoned for these reasons, you should drink honey right away. Unlike milk, this sweet yellow liquid removes all status effects for your character to make him fine.

Drink Honey To Remove Poison Effects
Drink honey to remove poison effects.

#4. Craft Honey Blocks

Minecraft also allows players to use honey to craft honey blocks which is very useful and important. You put four bottles of honey in a square form in the crafting grid.

You need honey blocks to make complex Redstone machines in Minecraft. These blocks are also useful in combat. You can slow down enemies by trapping them with honey blocks.

Honey Blocks
There are many uses of honey blocks.

In addition, if you have a honey block, you can craft four honey bottles by placing a block with four empty bottles in the crafting grid.

Those are the best uses of honey in Minecraft that many players haven't known. This liquid is very useful in the game. So, you shouldn't ignore it when you spot honey in the wild.

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