There are a lot of great pirate games in the industry, including Sea of Thieves or ATLAS. However, to see a pirate battle royale game is very rare, and Blazing Sails are no doubt the most gorgeous one among them.

The developer GET UP GAMES is very proud to announce that they'll self-publish their vibrant pirate battle royale game. And below is the trailer to celebrate this announcement, which you can have a look at the unique naval battles:

Overview on Blazing Sails

As the nature of a battle royale game, Blazing Sails doesn't have a very intriguing narrative. It's just you, your crew members and your ship, trying to become the most notorious pirates on the sea! However, Blazing Sails has a completely fresh take on the genre, bringing naval fights into the battlegrounds, and a new win condition as well.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
Blazing Sails is a new battle royale game with the pirate concept

To be more specific, you and your team won't be eliminated if you run out of HP. In fact, you'll keep respawning after your HP reaches zero, and you can return to the battles at any time. You'll only stop your adventure when your ship is completely devastated and sink, so try your best to protect your ship while shooting theirs down.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
Keep your ship free of holes to survive in this battlefield

The combats and looting

You can't be a captain without your crew members! The fights between ships are very intense, which requires certain strategies and tight team play. For example, the captain will have to drive the ship to a suitable position for the members to open their fires, and other members will also have to fill the holes created your enemies' cannons.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
The combats in this game are very fast-paced, but it's not too hard to pick up either.

Additionally, your battles are not only happening in the seas, but also on islands. Anchoring your ship, you can the crew will jump down to the islands, looting weapons, ammo and other resources which you can use to upgrade your ship later. You can upgrade your firepower, your wheel, sails and many more.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
The treasure boxes in this game give you tons of loots

That's why everyone will jump on this bandwagon to claim their loots, and battles are unavoidable. Bringing many kinds of weapons with you, including blades, paddles, guns, and bows, you'll have to take your enemies down to send them back to their vessels.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
There are tons of weapons that you can loot in this game

Every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, so you'll have to make use of them wisely in certain situations. Lastly, you can customize your ship and your character, making your team stand out on the battlefield.

Blazing Sails Is A New Battle Royale Game Of Pirat
Smack those dudes with your paddles!

Release date and supported platforms

Blazing Sails will launch at some time in Early 2020. At launch, it will only support PC through Steam.

However, considering how unique this game looks, it's only a matter of time before Blazing Sails sets sails to some major consoles.

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