At the end of last month, the publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has introduced their gorgeous 3D RPG game - Blue Protocol.

And it seems that the developer and publisher expect a lot from this title. To the point that they keep flashing some details of it while hiding the major information that we've been waiting for a long time: the official release date.

But as we can't do anything about that, let's watch the trailer that shows off some actions in the game:

The background of Blue Protocol

Yes, there's a brief tagline of Blue Protocol showed in its trailer, but it only deals with the concept of the game. Meanwhile, the main story is still remaining hidden. If you're too tired of reading those priming lines, here's the summary for you.

Blue Protocol will take place in a fantasy world, in which the land is on the verge of destruction. You and other heroes (and heroines, too) will take on the greatest responsibility ever - save this world using your gifted magic power. The enemies are very big and mighty, so you'll have to fight as a team to defeat them!

Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Trailer And A
The future of this world is lying on your hands!

The game's tagline also mentioned "travel through space and time", so Blue Protocol's story might feature time-travel shenanigans, but we don't know for sure what they will be yet!

About its gameplay

The developer Project Blue Sky has described the game as an online RPG that uses Unreal Engine 4. With that being said, Blue Protocol looks absolutely stunning, and that's also the aims of the developer with this game.

To be more specific, the developer intended to create a game that will shock the world. In order to do that, it needs to bring beautiful visuals to the game that makes it look like an anime.

Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Trailer And A
Blue Protocol will be an anime-like online RPG title

To make the best comparison, it looks really like a game from the Sword Art Online (SAO) series:

Specifically, the game does provide a wide array of characters and also dividing them to classes. For example, there will be the Aegis Fighter -the tank), Twin Striker (hello, Kirito) - the melee DPS, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster. It's just a little tease from the publisher, and we can expect many more classes to feature in the game when it releases.

Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Trailer And A
Four classes in Blue Protocol

Speaking about characters, the developer does allow you to customize your own character. Recently, it has released a video showing the character creating phase, which contains a solid boobs slider.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to SAO, too. Players will have to join hands to make a team to defeat the giant bosses. Making a team that consists of all classes with a suitable rate will decide how you'd take on the bosses.

Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Trailer And A
Go melee or go range - that depends on you!

From all of the things mentioned above, it seems like the Blue Protocol will be very likely to reach its objective!

Alpha test open this month, and you can try your luck

We still don't know for sure when the game will come out yet. However, the publisher has officially announced Blue Protocol's Alpha Test, taking place from July 26 to July 28.

The aims of the Alpha Test is to stress test the server, as well as gaining some feedback of testers on the game. However, it seems that only people that are living in Japan will be able to join this beta test. I don't understand Japanese, so you may head to their official site and try your luck with Google Translate.

Blue Protocol Receives New Gameplay Trailer And A
Alpha test open inside Japan

There will be total of 5000 people invited in this closed alpha test, and the registration is opened on their official site. I can't be that one, so I just have to wait with my curiosity.

Hopefully, we will hear something about the official release date of Blue Protocol from Bandai Namco soon!