What's more important for you? The pals that go with you through the toughest moments of life and death, or the sacred missions that you're carrying on your shoulders? That's the tough choice that soldiers have to choose back in the time of wars, and Broken Lines will tell you that much.

It's a brand new RTS game from the developer Portaplay, in which you'll take control of 8 soldiers somehow stuck behind the enemies' lines. Maybe through this game, you'll learn how severe World War II was, and treasure your lives of peace more now.

Below is the new trailer of Broken Lines showing its gameplay features, which you can have a look:

The story of Broken Lines

Broken Lines takes the settings of Eastern Europe in a historical event - World War II. You'll learn the story of a squad of 8 soldiers, as their plane somehow crashed and landed in the enemies' territory. All of their leaders and comrades have died, and there are only eight of them left struggling to survive.

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 7
Their plane has crashed behind enemies' line

Fortunately, they are all experienced soldiers that have sharpened their skills and instincts through training. With their experience, they realize that they must work together to deal with the upcoming challenges and stay alive in this situation, but is it an easy task?

First of all, all of the survivors have their virtues and distinctive viewpoint on issues, and each prefers different results of goals. For example, some want to look into the reason for their crash, some want to stay safe away from the enemies' sights first. Some are even expecting desertion, making the task of survival extremely difficult.

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 6
Will they be able to get out with the whole pack?

Will their journey become a smooth escaping route, or will it turn into a complete disaster where no one comes out alive?

Gameplay features

Broken Lines is a heavy-narrative real-time strategy game, where you'll have to lead this ragtag team of 8 soldiers overcoming their difficulty. Unlike other RTS games where the story doesn't matter too much, Broken Lines features an intriguing survival story where each of your decisions will affect the outcome of the whole story.

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 2
You'll start the game with 8 players, but some might lie down or desert on the way

To be more specific, the group has to face a lot of tough situations in their journey, which will be told through rich narrative lines from all 8 characters. At times, you'll have to make decisions on how to deal with those situations: whether to aid the people in need or just abandon their demands for the sake of the whole group.

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 4
Decide what to do with each situation through

Being a leader is never an easy task, as you are always tortured between the ideas of the major and the minor. Your choices will change the attitudes of the members on your leadership status, and if you failed to prove that you're a rightful leader, some of them will abandon the crew at any moment.

Not only do you have to cope with inner problems but also the threat from the troops around you as well. That's where the turn-based RTS combats kick in - as you'll plan your characters' moves, and they'll execute it simultaneously for the best approach with each gunfight. Broken Lines feature permadeath mechanics, so if anyone from your team dies, they're gone for good!

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 1
The battles take place in real-time, which you have to be precise with your commands

Through battles and exploration, you'll gain equipment and weapons to help you with future fights. They include guns, ammo, armor and other consumable stuff to restore your character's HP. The characters also level up through the battles as well, which allows you to learn new skills for them that match their roles in the group.

Broken Lines Pc Gameplay Trailer 3
Equip your soldiers with guns and upgrade their skills

Release date and supported platforms

Broken Lines are planned to release in Q1 2020 for PC via Steam. However, the specific release date hasn't been announced yet.