Famous YouTuber Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati took to social media to announce that he is not associated with Ebullient Gaming India (EGI). Calling the entire fiasco as a rumour, he clarified that his business was entirely managed by his first cousin. He urged his fans and business associates to be alert while contacting him for business queries. He went ahead to also inform that he was never ever been associated with Ebullient Gaming India.


Ebullient Gaming India is a talent management company to support full-time gamers and streamers. EGI deals with YouTubers to connect with brands to promote them on their social media accounts. In the next post, CarryMinati further stated that he is being questioned about a stream with EGI a long time back. A sponsored stream does not reflect him to be associated with the company. He also clarified that many people have a misunderstanding that he is one of the owners or partners in the company.


Sources in the gaming industry revealed that EGI has claimed its association with famous YouTubers. "It might be fallout with the agency which must have led Ajey to write a long post to explain that he is not associated with EGI. The second reason would be a failure to bring in more business for its current YouTubers leading them to back out from their deals. However, the growth in the gaming industry has seen a huge leap."


While an insider claimed that such rumors affect business for YouTubers. "As brands would often consider EGI as the only agency managing CarryMinati. This false perspective is often built to impress brands who approach agencies to promote their brands. It is not yet clear what could have been the reason behind such a huge fallout."

GuruGamer correspondent Imran Fazal approached Ebullient Gaming India for their reaction but it has failed to respond to any queries. The story will be updated as and when a quote is received from EGI.