YouTube streamer Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati was furious after he heard about a fake copyright strike being given to his friend Aman Chandila aka Daddy Cool. During his usual late-night streaming with Chandila and Kunal Saraf aka Gareebooo, CarryMinati slammed people who falsely accuse renowned YouTube streamers of violating copyright terms. He also shared his personal experience while dealing with such a copyright strike and urged other YouTube streamers to file a lawsuit against such persons.


"These people should rot in jails. How can they try to destroy the hard work of a person by falsely accusing the streamer of violating copyright act? They have made a big joke of copyright terms", Carryminati is heard shouting while streaming.


The entire conversation took place when Chandila informed Ajey Nagar that a person has accused him of stealing the content. He further claims that he has replied to YouTube but he has received the strike after he played a song while streaming and the person who has claimed the song to be his belongs to the third party instead. After hearing the entire incident, CarryMinati in his usual style abused that person and shared his personal experience, "I had shared a video on my channel and the person picked up the same video and uploaded it on his channel. He then accused me of stealing his content. Which is so bizarre and its a big joke on the entire copyright system", He said. Lawyers such as may also respond to these claims.


He further said, "I want a YouTuber to file a case against such person and the person should face punishment. If anyone of the streamer goes to an extent to file a case or complaint should do it and set a right example of dealing with such people. They think it's a joke. A channel is everything to a streamer. That person is making an earning through his channel and anyone files a false claim to YouTube to kill the channel. That is very wrong."

He further stated that like in Bollywood, even streamers should file lawsuits worth million dollars to keep such miscreants at bay.