On celebrating PUBG Global Championship 2019, PUBG Corp. introduces a new game mode, letting PUBG players play as a professional esports athlete. This PGC game mode is a time-limited event only launched to celebrate PGC 2019 Grand Finals.

PUBG Global Championship 2019 is taking place on November 23 to 24 in Oakland. Sixteen teams with 64 pro players from all over the world will compete in twelve matches to find the champion. There is a special set of rules for this PUBG esports tournament. And now, PUBG players can experience it with time-limited PGC game mode.

New Limited Time Pgc 2019 Game Mode
New Limited Time PGC 2019 Game Mode

New Things in PGC Game Mode

PGC mode is an advancement in PUBG Labs released in recent PUBG Update 5.2. These are new things in PGC game mode for PUBG players to play as a PUBG esports athlete.

  • Official SUPER settings of rules, which is officially used in PUBG Global Championship 2019.
  • Weapons are spawned according to SUPER rule set in the official tournament: increase the number of SRs, ARs, DMRs, and kinds of Grenades.
  • Disable Red Zone.
  • Place 20 cars with special decals and 23 boats in fixed locations.
  • No Flare Gun.

These features in PGC game mode let PUBF players experience the game mode of professional esports events.

High Quality Graphics In Pgc 2019 Mode
High-quality Graphics In PGC 2019 Mode

Release Date of PGC Game Mode

PGC mode will be available from November 20 to 25. Now, you can experience professional PUBG matches in FPP and Squad mode. Thus, solo mode and Duo mode are not available in PGC mode 2019. Besides, the classic Erangel map is used in this mode. To play in PGC mode, you click on the banner of PGC in the left corner of the mode selection screen. With this new game mode, PUBG Corp. gives players the chance to experience gameplay, match, and feeling of pro players. After November 25, players continue playing skill-based ranking experiments in PUBG Labs.

Skill Based Rating
Skill-based Rating

In a related event, Tencent and PUBG Corp. have released 'Time to Shine' event on celebrating PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019. PUBG Mobile players now can join in this event and receive many rare skins.