Lately, Citizens of Space has made its first contact on June 18. The game comes out without giving any signs of publishing, apart from an announcement trailer from weeks ago.

This time, SEGA officially announced it with a launch trailer, which you can see below:

A sequel of a 2015's title

In 2015, the publisher Eden Industries has introduced an RPG title Citizens of Earth. That game tells the story of a newly elected Vice President of Earth. He's on his duty to use his unique charisma to convince everyone to settle their conflicts and join hands to save the Earth.

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 1
Sometimes violence is the best way to convince somebody

Personally, I think the game is good, but it has many technical problems. Furthermore, the nature of the story and the gameplay didn't bring any re-play potentials. That's why I'm happy to see the developers bringing up its follow-up title - Citizens of Space.

This time, you'll play in the shoes of the new Ambassador of Earth. The story starts when the Ambassador is celebrating on getting elected by Galactic Federation of Planets. However, on his first day with his new job, the Earth disappears!

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 2
The Ambassador doesn't have time to rest

The responsibility falls on to you, so you have to find what happens with the Green Planet, and find a way to bring the Earth back. The job sounds very heroic, you can't do this alone.

As a result, you'll have to recruit any members from the citizens of space to go on the journey with you. Thus, it only can be you that has the attraction to call for anyone joining you with your missions.

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 6
You can't fight that giant creature alone!

The fate of citizens of Earth is lying on your hands. And it lies on the hands of the best man possible!

Citizens of Space brings various gameplay updates

In this sequel, players still have to travel through many parts of spaces to find out what happened to the Earth, and recruiting up to 40 new members.

The members vary from many races. As you can see from the trailer, they include Time Cop, a robot Confectioner, an alien Geneticist and many more. Each member will have their distinctive skills, which will help you tremendously with combat.

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 4
I don't know what to call that one-eye creature

Speaking of combat, that's the first and the biggest change in the Citizens of Space. It's no longer just a normal turn-based style. In Citizens of Space, the combat will relies more on timing instead of mere minor planning. This means reflexions and precision will play a bigger role and require more skills from the players.

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 8
The combats are much more fascinating now

The second big change to make the game more fascinating is the wide range of minigames. From the trailer, we can see at least five (or six) minigames that appear in your journey. The minigames will also base on reflecting as well, so players won't have to worry that they will be bored from the same experience again and again.

Citizens Of Space Launch June 18 8
There're many other minigames apart from the ones mentioned in the trailer

Citizens of Space is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. Players can purchase the game with a price of $14.99.