Stoneshard has just got its official launch date during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. At E3 2019, the publisher HypeTrain Digital revealed that this upcoming turn-based role-playing game will be available this November.

Large Stoneshard 1
Stoneshard is coming on the 7th of November

Members of the gaming community will soon get to go on an adventure across Aldor - a ruthless medieval world. According to HypeTrain Digital, the game will be available on PC through Steam starting from the 7th of November.

Official Launch Date For Stoneshard

In Stoneshard, you will all get the chance to experience how it is to be a leader. Specifically, in this case, you would become a caravan leader. Your role is to manage your followers as well as you can. You also have to stave off all of the different threats that are waiting to attack Aldor.

Stoneshard 2
You will take the role of a caravan leader

Even though Stoneshard is a role-playing game, it is definitely different from the others in the same genre. The game will not automatically assign a class for your character right from the beginning. In fact, the game allows you to develop your own character while exploring the remains of Stoneshard’s procedurally-generated world full of war ravages.

In Stoneshard, it does not matter if you want to become a potion-brewing ninja, an axe-wielding mage or any other thing. To survive, you need to know how to treat your physical wounds alongside look after your own mental health.

Throughout the game, many hordes of disgusting monsters will be waiting to do harm to you as well as your followers. Besides the destruction nearby your caravan along its travels will eventually take its toll on the psyche of your character.

Death will always be there in the world of Aldor. Should your hero somehow fall down, another hero will surely take over their place.

For more details about Stoneshard, you can go to its Steam page, you can watch the gameplay trailer of Stoneshard right above as well.