PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massive game that spans on every console system. However, due to the dwindling amount of console players, fans have been requesting for the crossplay feature for quite a while.

The PUBG’s Dev team has listened to those requests. They have been working on adding that feature, and its release date is confirmed to be in October. There will be an announcement to officially confirm every detail soon, however,  these are what we know currently.

What is Crossplay

Crossplay is coming in “early October” and would be available for testing in Private Test Servers on 26th of September.

Console updates will be within two weeks of the PC updates. There will be more details available soon.

One of the more important detail that needs to be mentioned is that crossplay would only be available between console platforms only. This means Xbox One and PS4 players would be grouped together, while PC players would stay separate.

It makes sense, as PC players have an innate advantage over console players. The mechanics between the two versions are very different, with the PC players also enjoyed a far better performance.

Crossplay will not be the perfect solution

While there are not many details available yet, PUBG players who are on either Xbox One or PS4 might have noticed an announcement message at the bottom of the lobby screen.

Maxresdefault 1
PC players have an innate advantage over the console crowd

This message also casts some doubt about the real impact that Crossplay would have, as without the previously mentioned side features, experience a game with a friend using another system would still be near impossible. If you are a PS4 player, you would not be able to chat with an Xbox player or add them to your friend list.

It appears that the real purpose of Crossplay is to boost the dwindling number rather than connecting people who are using different consoles.

Crossplay has no disadvantage if you are a solo player


An improvement in quality for FPP players

FPP (first-person perspective) is generally considered the harder mode in PUBG. Because of that, there are fewer people playing it than the usual TPP modes. In the console platform, with a lower population than normal, the FPP mode is even in a worse situation.

Pubg Xbox Fpp 2
FPP has always been less popular than TPP

Due to the default mode of the game being TPP (third-person perspective), the numbers for FPP have slowly reduced to the point when getting a full lobby is just a pipe dream.


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