There has just been a new bug in CS:GO being found out by players. This bug can enable players to catch a glimpse of what is happening on the other side of the walls after they have been killed.

It has been a common sense in CS:GO that better weapon and gear will dramatically raise your winning chances. But the most important piece of information to win rounds in CS:GO is the location and plans of the opponent team. That is why we have seen many teams winning the round, although they just go with an eco-buy or a half-buy in that round.

Fastest Csgo Round Win Ever Team Cr4zy Wins In 7 S
Sometimes you have to do the eco-buy, but that does not mean your team can't win that round

On a recent CS:GO post on Reddit, Reddit user ‘jtto1010’ and his friends were at the B-site on an eco-buy round. ‘jtto1010’ was sitting in a cheeky spot to surprise the incoming enemies when he was killed by a clean headshot from an AK-47. But the death animation of that player accidentally revealed him what was happening on the other side of the wall, since he was sitting too close to the wall.

Csgo Wall Bug 191003 234104
The bug that allows players to see more than they should

That death animation showed ‘jtto1010’ that there were two more enemies coming to B-side of the map via Banana. Although this legendary FPS game of Valve has gone through many different kinds of bugs, we still have to admit that this is a huge bug, and it needs to be handled as soon as possible.

We do not know what happened at the end of that round, but it did look like ‘jtto1010’ and his teammates did not get the round. Even so, if this bug is carefully exploited, it can give pro teams huge advantages in CS:GO tournaments. We do hope that the developers of Valve will fix this bug as soon as possible.