Digimon Survive is a new tactical RPG for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is developed by Witchcraft and is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, which is well-known for many big titles in the genre. However, Digimon Survive fans should not expect it to come out this year, according to the publisher.

Digimon Survive
Digimon Survive is the next installment in the Digimon franchise.

Digimon Survive tells a story about a group of teenagers with the leader Takuma Momozuka. They were accidentally dropped into an unknown world full of dangerous creatures during a school trip. Players will help them get through a series of difficult choices while facing life-threatening battles in order to get back home.

With a 2D graphic design and classic SRPG style, Digimon Survive looks pretty interesting if you're into animated movies. The world in Digimon Survive has lots of beautiful places to explore and also a familiar vibe of Japanese anime.

Digimon Survive Original
The group has to fight their way back from a strange dimension.

Throughout the journey of the group "trying to get out of a bizarre dimension", there are many decisions that require lots of careful considerations. Remember that each decision you made will affect the storyline, including the Digimon's digivolution process. That means the game will also get different endings based on your playthrough. Wrong decisions can even lead to the death of characters.

In 2018, Digimon Survive was first revealed at the 20th Anniversary of the Digimon Anime celebration. Bandai Namco Entertainment expected to see the game come out in 2019, but they've recently announced that the game will be a bit behind schedule. More specifically, in the "Future of Digimon" panel at Anime Expo 2019, they confirmed that the latest title in the Digimon video game franchise will launch in 2020. No estimated date revealed.

There was also a teaser trailer of the opening cinematic from Digimon Anime at the panel, but it looks like we have to wait for some times before being able to see it on the internet.