Being curious is not a bad thing, but being extra curious in a Halloween night is definitely something that you should avoid. However, as the little girl namely Minerva wasn't able to read this caution, she has stepped into the house that she would never want to.

Don't Die, Minerva! is a roguelike dungeon crawler game, in which you'll help Minerva get out of this haunted house alive. It's the product from the developer and publisher Xaviant Games, and it's coming soon for Steam Early Access!

You can see the trailer of the game down here to see how Minerva will fight to survive:

The story of Don't Die, Minerva!

From the name of this game, you can probably guess something about what happens to our protagonist. In Don't Die, Minerva!, you'll take control of the poor little girl - Minerva. In a dark and stormy, the 11-year-old girl has discovered an abandoned house deep in the forests.

Dont Die Minerva Early Access Pc Xbox One 1
The cute little Minerva has found the haunted mansion

With her curiosity, Minerva has taken a step closer to have a better peek. However, that small step has changed everything, and before Minerva has recognized, she is already in the fight for her life against the spookiest ghosts. Oh no my dear!

Dont Die Minerva Early Access Pc Xbox One 3
It has sucked Minerva in!

Luckily, some magics from the mansion has turned her flashlight into a powerful weapon that can blow the ghosts off. Even better, her stuffed animals that she always carries in her bag has come to life and will protect her in this horrifying journey.

Will the girl get out of the haunted mansion?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Don't Die, Minerva! is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler, in which you'll control Minerva from a high viewpoint, and guide her through various rooms of this spectral mansion. Not only having every attractive element of the genre, Don't Die, Minerva! also brings us a hauntingly beautiful visual as well.

Don't Die Minerva! Early Access Pc Xbox One 2
Don't Die Minerva!'s visual is gorgeous

To be more specific, the mansion in this game is procedurally generated, which means no two playthroughs are similar. Your task here is to explore the mansions while shooting down every ghost standing between you and the exit. With hundreds of enemies from over 19 ghost types and 3 bosses that you'll encounter on your way, staying away from their hands is very difficult.

However, the game will reward you with loots for every foe you eliminated. They vary from thousands of kinds of weapons and armors, which will increase your chance against hordes of ghostly enemies. Furthermore, there are also several magical gears that you can use to upgrade your trusty flashlight.

Dont Die Minerva Early Access Pc Xbox One 4
You can only rely on your flashlight and the stuffed friends

Specifically, those gears will add certain elementals to your weapons. Hence, you'll have a lot of choices on your gears combination to match your playstyles: whether run 'n' gun with crowd-control or extra damages which each shot. Those upgrades are permanent, so you won't have to worry about its duration at all.

Dont Die Minerva Early Access Pc Xbox One 5
You can find loots around the mansion as well

And as a rogue-lite game, there will be permadeath in Don't Die, Minerva! With four difficulty levels which is suitable for both new gamers and veterans, the combats in this game will be very memorable. All of your experience here will be enhanced by the beautiful isometric 3D graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 and haunting soundtracks, which will satisfy even the most demanding players.

Dont Die Minerva Early Access Pc Xbox One 7
The best isometric dungeon-crawling experience you can find!

Release date and supported platforms

Don't Die, Minerva! will come out for PC via Steam Early Access in December 2019. At the same time, Xbox One users can also experience this unique rogue-lite dungeon crawler through Xbox Game Preview.

The official release date of the game is not announced yet.