Doom Eternal has been delayed from its original release date for quite a while – and the fans are getting anxious. In order to prepare for the launch and pacify the fanbase, the developers have decided to release the first ten minutes of the game as a trailer. Doom Eternal does not waste any time in telling you the general instruction for the game: 18 seconds are all it takes. There isn’t any cutscene or anything – the game just goes straight into the combat.

The speed of the game seems to be pumped into the next gear right from the start, as Doomguy gets the Shotgun as his first weapon, along with the Sticky Grenade shot mods right afterward. The Chainsaw is also unlocked during the first ten minutes as well. Looks like the difficulty of the game is amped up pretty early, as you would face Possessed Soldiers, Imps, and Arachnotron right away. There is also a gigantic demon walking around the map as well.

Doom Eternal On Fire
New variants of weapons would be added

Overall, the game is definitely an upgrade from the base formula of the 2016 Doom. In a recent interview, the developers have revealed 4 new game features that Eternal is going to have:

1 – “Aggressive” resource management: as there would be a lot more weapon options comparing to the previous Doom, players should spend their ammunition in a certain way so that strategically placed items would not be wasted.

Melee weapons would play a part as well

2 – Wall climbing: the previous game follow the usual shooter control scheme, with modes like walk, sprint and jump – in Doom Eternal, however, you would get the option to climb on vertical surfaces.

3 – Enemy weak points: each type of enemy would have their own weakness for you to take advantage of. This is actually an aversion of the trope “shoot the enemy on the head to deal more damage” as some enemy would have their head fortified.

Doom Eternal Enemy Weak Spots
Each enemy would have a different weak point

4 – The Doom Hub: The main character would spend time in his own hideout between mission. In this little base, you would get the chance to upgrade your skills, check out your collectibles and take a small break between fights.

Doom Eternal will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia in March 2020. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 games you should play while waiting for Doom Eternal.