An esports tournament with a prize pool that goes up to millions of dollars is no longer a strange thing now. But 40 million dollars dor a single tournament is something that only Valve could do for their favorite game DOTA 2.

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The Internation 10 has reached the milestone of 40 million dollars, beating its own world record

Even though the Internation 10 is likely to be postponed until 2021, it didn't stop players from buying the Battle Pass and contribute to the prize pool. The prize pool for The International 10 far surpassed the prize pool of The Internation 9, which was 34,33 million dollars.

With a 40 million dollar prize pool, the TI10 champion will walk away with roughly more than 15 million dollars, all just by winning the tournament.

How can the prize pool of The Internation so high

The Internation was the first esports tournament in the world to feature a massive $1.6 million dollar, which totally changed everything. The prize pool for The Internation kept increasing every year, especially since the introduction of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass offers various contents, skin to players, and 25% of the revenue of the Battle Pass is contributed toward the prize pool of The International. It was a massive success and we can easily see that almost every other game has learned from this idea and created a Pass for their own.

There are much more rewards and prizes in the TI10 Battle Pass, which helps increase the amount of total prize pool

This year, The International 10 Battle Pass introduces even more prizes and rewards to players with 2 Persona skin and 3 Arcana. As a result, The International has successfully kept its title as the esports tournament with the biggest prize pool in the world.

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