We just got a new trailer for the upcoming title Wasteland 3 during the press conference of Microsoft at this year E3. This trailer gives us a peek at the Colorado snowy setting of the game. This region is much snowier than the other places in Wasteland, we also got to see some hidden threats and big robots in the trailer.

Moreover, from the narrator's voice in this trailer, I guess it is from a prospector fellow with white-bearded - kinda like Santa, but maybe with a big bottle of Whiskey. From the introduction of that "Santa", we did not get much about the plot, but we expect this game to follow the model of the franchise: build characters, make choices, explore narrative paths...

Wasteland 3

A lighter tone

inXile Entertainment first announced this game way back in 2016, so this new trailer looks rather similar to what they have shown off then. In fact, this game was crowdfunded successfully in only three days via Fig. It has raised more than 3 million dollars with that.


In this new trailer, we see a lighter tone Wasteland 3  which seems to be lighter than its great predecessor. There are also many imageries and prospector indicate that this new game is going for the funny route. How every the important is that if it could succeed in giving the smile or not.

Still, there is some violence

Moreover, in this trailer, they also show some very extreme fights against the robots, that is okay though.

Wasteland 3 06 09 19

They have shown off this new trailer of the game in the Xbox presentation of Microsoft at this year E3, however, it is also coming for PS4 and PC platform. But we still don't know the release day of this game yet.

The trailer

Here is the trailer they showed at the event, take a look by yourself: