Video games being aesthetic is not a new thing anymore, but Eastshade is the first game making me think that the act of taking screenshots is a work of art. Previously out for PC through Steam, the game has received many "Very positive" reviews on the storefronts.

Now the developer Eastshade Studios is making players' experience even better. You can enjoy sitting comfortably on your bench while playing Eastshade on your consoles, as the game is coming for PS4 and Xbox One in October

Here's the trailer of the game to mark this event, which you can have a look at and admire:

About Eastshade

If you've missed the release of Eastshade for PC, this is a great chance to look back on what will happen in this game. This game tells an aesthetic story of a man traveling to complete his mother's last wish. That motivation has driven the painter to this wonderful island of Eastshade, where he'll use his painting talent to capture the beautiful scenery.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 2
The traveling painter heads to this island to complete his lost mother's will

On the island, he'll not only admire the beauty of nature but also figure out the lives of the inhabitants here. Enjoy blending with them, helping them when they're in need while exploring every corner of the island. There are some mysteries in this beautiful land, which you will find out through wandering around and painting.

Special features

The story of Eastshade is quite simple, but its visuals and gameplay are no jokes. Let's speak about its gameplay first: Eastshade is a violent-free first-person adventure game, as you'll take control of the traveling painter to embark on his journey. On this beautiful island, there are full of quests and characters which you can meet. Simply put, it's very similar to Elder Scroll getting rid of magic, combats, loots, and dragons.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 7
Eastshade's gameplay is quite similar to Elder Scroll

Most of the time, you'll wear your shoes and get on a walking simulator through the vibrant island with Euro-flavoured fantasy themes. Then, you can take your sketching items out and draw the gorgeous scenery around you. The mechanics are very simple. First, you will have to fix your view, put your mouse there, and drag the whole scene to your sketch.

After that, anything in that frame will be gradually portrayed and rendered on your paper, and the entire drawing will show up on your paper beautifully. If only life is simple like that.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 3
Painting mechanics in this game are quite simple, but the results are very beautiful

As a free soul you are, you will want to surpass the limit to explore the forgotten places on this island. However, the painter can't afford to travel anywhere to his will due to lack of budget. Hence, he'll have to sell your painting in exchange for necessary stuff for further adventure. This is also a great chance to make friends with the villagers here.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 6
The inhabitants here might look weird, but they're very nice!

Speaking with the NPCs, you'll find out some crucial information about the history of the island. Some even grant you some quests, including collecting art supplies, advising someone on their love story, and catching and taking care of a waterfox. However, among many NPCs, not everyone can give you quests or stories, so you'll have to try for yourself. The villagers here are mostly always welcome, which adds more relaxing elements to the game.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 5
Learn a lot of stories from the words of the villagers

With a rich story, a lot of characters and quests as well as ethereal visuals, Eastshade is a must-try if you're looking for an extremely relaxing adventure.

Release date and supported platforms

Eastshade is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on October 21. It's currently available for PC through Steam at the price of $24.99, and the price for console version is very likely to be the same.

Eastshade Ps4 Xbox One Announced 1
Eastshade is coming to consoles on October 21