Ever-expanding insects are bringing not only destruction but also pollution. This leads to the agile monkey having to fight to keep his family alive.

Tamarin features the energy of classic 3D platformer titles combine with explorative Metroidvania shooting games. The team that hand-crafted this game includes an all-star cast of veterans from Rare’s golden era.

The game takes place in an amazing interconnected 3D world with primate platforming as well as bug-splattering shooter action. Leap your way to the Northern wilderness with the agility of a tamarin through mountains, fjords, and forests.

Tamarin 1
Battle against the insects to protect your family

There will be many interesting things along the way. You will, save innocent birds, find out an undiscovered underground world filled with dancing ants, chase after mysterious electrical fireflies and restore what was once the idyllic natural habitat of the tamarins.

The game is a product of a team full of veterans

Tamarin 2
The game has Omar Sawi as the director

Omar Sawi is the director of Tamarin. Sawi was the one bringing on the whole team together. They really helped execute Sawi’s creative vision for the game and also recapture the style as well as the magical experiences that built up their reputation.

The game also has many excellent creators who designed Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong, and Battletoads to take care of its character design, alongside the pre-production and concept art.

Tamarin 3
Tamarin features an amazing soundtrack

Richard Vaucher (artist of Donkey Kong 64) leads the art production and provides energetic, responsive animations. David Wise (the composer of Donkey Kong Country) bring compositions of melodic beauty along with a new style of catchy industrial beats to the game’s atmosphere.

Tamarin 4
You can get the game later this year for PC and PS4

You can get the game on PS4 (through PlayStation Store) or PC (through Steam) in the last quarter of 2019 with $29.99. With $39.99, you can get the Deluxe Edition including the soundtrack.