Fans of the Dark Souls creator From Software have probably noticed the lack of new information about the company's next title, Elden Ring, ever since its announcement trailer reveal. This has led to a hunger for new info, and sometimes even unreliable sources would be taken seriously. This anonymous leak details Elden Ring's open-world structure and its various regions called "Kingdoms", along with the Character Creation system.

The biggest reveal amongst this is that the game would feature 8 unique "Kingdom" sections that are huge and sprawling bigger than any levels in Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, or Bloodborne. Each kingdom would have its own bosses roster, including multi-phase final bosses. This trend of adding more phases to bosses have been pretty prevalent in soulborne games since Bloodborne. This makes all fights tedious ordeals that require you to do without any mistakes.

Elden Ring would be more similar to Dark Souls than Sekiro

Separate the kingdoms would be a hub section that's named the Field. This is another common location in all soulborne games - however, in Elden Ring, the area is going to be huge, with explorable sections, puzzles, side-bosses, secrets, and more. You would be able to ride a mount in the hub due to its expanded size.

Elden Ring
Mounted combat might be a part of the game

Character creation would return after its absence in Sekiro - players would be able to custom their characters and choose a class. Afterward, they would be sorted to different origin kingdoms based on their choices. Progression in-game is similar to Dark Souls - players would get a resource from enemies then come back to level in the hub. The difference here is that beside stats, they would have a talent tree that would be unlocked gradually after defeating bosses.

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