Encased is a turn-based RPG game in a sci-fi world developed by Dark Crystal Games and will be published by Black Tower Entertainment. Let check out the trailer of the game below.

Into the game, you will get to experience a story of a failed research project inside the Dome - an indestructible construction. The research was carried out by the employees of the international organization C.R.O.N.U.S. Foundation. They want to extract technology, items, and relics from it. But, unfortunately, those who went inside cannot go outside and were trapped in it. The Dome is actually just the cover of an even bigger secret underneath it. An ancient underground labyrinths with artifacts, weapons and an AI system to control the whole place. Anyone who dares to go in will have to face deadly traps and strange creatures that are guarding the place.

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Explore the place to find hidden artifacts

Into the game, you will be playing as a staff of C.R.O.N.U.S to discover the Dome. Encased doesn't have a class system. Instead, it features a system of skills and attributes which allows you to create your character however you like. You can create your own weapons, armor and upgrade them to survive in this world. Always keep an eye to look out for hidden artifacts, they will give you a big help with their unique abilities.

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You can freely customize your character with this skill system

The in-game world offers over 200 locations with more than 100 side-quests and 75 random events. During the game, you can also choose to side with one of the 5 factions, the New Committee, the Republic of Carmine Heights, the Church, the Phalanx, or the Kshatriya. Each faction has their own cause and vision. You can help one of them to dominate everyone else, or eliminate all of them by yourself.

Encased will be coming to Steam Early Access for PC on September 27.