Following the trend of remaking and remastering, Killer Queen Black is coming to PC and Switch with a brand new enhanced version. The "ultimate arcade eSports" is back, so it's time to dive in the fun 4v4 bee-fight!

In order to celebrate this announcement, the developer BumbleBear Games and Liquid Bit also released a new trailer. If you haven't tried (or heard) this classic games in the past, give it a look to see how fun the game can be:

About Killer Queen Black

This PC version of Killer Queen Black actually came out to the light back in E3 2018. And now, after a year of waiting, we can finally enjoy the competitive fun of the classic eSports title. Liquid Bit has helped BumbleBear Games with this remaster, and it will also publish this game.

The set-up is very simple. There will be two teams of bees competing with each other. Each team will have four members, including 3 Workers and 1 Queen. In order to be the final winner, one team needs to accomplish one of the three objectives below:

  • Economic: Your team wins if you succeed in collecting a certain amount of berries and bring it to your home base. Don't think this is easy, because the berries are scattering around the maps, which will take a lot of effort to get them. Not to mention your opponents will not let you alone.

Killer Queen Black Switch Pc Through Steam Humble
The berries are everywhere in the map

  • Military: Your team wins if you kill your opponents' queen three times before they do the same thing. It doesn't matter what role you are playing as, as long as you slay their queen three times, you are the final winner.

Killer Queen Black Switch Pc Through Steam Humble
Rush to the queen and slay her three times

  • Snail: In each match, there will be a giant snail chilling in the middle of the map. If you manage to ride him back to your base, your team wins the match. However, the snail is extremely slow, so I think it's the most difficult win conditions to complete.

Killer Queen Black Switch Pc Through Steam Humble
Ride the giant snail to your base

Even though the concept is very simple, it requires tons of strategy in real matches. Your team only consists of 3 Workers, so it's very likely that you can't take your eyes on every condition. Hence, you can only focus on 1 or 2, while stopping your opponents from their plan, too.

Consequently, the Queen is very important, as she's not only responsible for the fourth man role but also has to stay alive from the enemies as long as possible. And if you've made a mistake in one round, don't feel too bad, since you'll have to win 3 rounds to be the match-winner.

Crossplay supports with a juicy bundle

Killer Queen Black is coming out on October 11, and it will support PC and Switch. The developer has confirmed that this game will support cross-play, so don't worry if you and your friend purchasing it on different platforms.

Killer Queen Black Switch Pc Through Steam Humble
Killer Queen Black supports cross-play

Furthermore, you can play this game online in three play modes: Unranked, Ranked and Custom Match.

The Unranked mode is kind of a random match, where you will join the arena solo or with your friends against random people. The result of the match doesn't matter at all, so enjoy your leisure time before climbing the leaderboards in Ranked Mode. Custom Match is where you can gather up to 7 friends to get in the 4v4 match, like the format of a tournament.

Killer Queen Black Switch Pc Through Steam Humble
There are three play modes for you to have fun with

We highly recommend purchasing this game with your friends, since they go better in packs. Originally, PC players can get the game through Steam or Humble for $20 each copy. But if you purchase the four-copy pack, it's only $60. Pay for 3 and get 1 free is definitely a juicy deal, which saves each person $5 for other plans!