Betrayal is always a great theme for multiplayer games, and Enemy On Board is not an exception. Just like how you're playing the Werewolf boardgame in our real life, don't trust anyone in Enemy On Board.

Here's the announcement teaser of the game, and you can give it a look before getting to the details:

The rules of Enemy On Board

The concept of Enemy On Board is very simple. The game takes place in a spaceship flying in space, whose crew includes 6 members. After the members wake up, two of them will randomly turn into the shape-shifting aliens, which become the opposing side. However, they are still in their original form, and are not spotted by the other human members yet.

Enemy On Board Werewolf Arena Game Announced 3
Two random players will turn into a shape-shifting alien

The win condition for both sides is eliminating everyone on the other sides. For humans, in order to find out the ones that have turned into aliens, you will have to use any means they can - using weapons, items, voice chatting and even mind tricks to distinguish the aliens.

Enemy On Board Werewolf Arena Game Announced 5
Watch out for everyone in your team, as they can turn onto you at any times

Of course, the aliens will want to hide their identity at all costs, and silently hunt down the humans. The ship needs repairing, and you can follow the other members and find a good time to strike. In order to transform into your Alien form, you'll need to collect the evolution points from the innocents. Work with the your alien dude and take over this ship!

Enemy On Board Werewolf Arena Game Announced 4
Collect the points to turn into the alien and slay the humans down

That's all about the rules, let's talk about the gameplay. Enemy On Board is an asymmetric multiplayer game, in which matches will be full of actions and real-time combats. Every round will last for around 6-8 minutes, which does feature a built-in voice communicating channels for the 6 players to exchange information.

Enemy On Board Werewolf Arena Game Announced 1
Features in-game voice-chat!

Remember, everyone is a potential alien, so the only one you can trust in Enemy On Board is yourself!

Special features and release date

Last but not least, the developer Windwalk Games also announced that as you kill more and more humans, you can level up and unlock more costumes, skins and starting items as well.

There will be Battle Pass when the game launches, which players might enjoy grinding the missions to claim the prizes.

Enemy On Board Werewolf Arena Game Announced 2
Claim your victory and climb in rank mode

Enemy On Board doesn't have any specific release date yet, but it will come for PC & Mac through Steam in 2019.