In the eSport world, simulated racing (sim racing) may be the closest things to real track racing in the aspect of physics and the skill required to compete. It was demonstrated by the defeat of former F1 racer Luca Di Grassi by Enzo Bonito in the real world’s racing event.


The Race of Champions in Mexico – the event that gathers the motorsport stars around the world. The most recent events, which was the past weekend, caught the attention of F1 stars Sebastien Vettel and Pierre Gasly, nine times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, and Indy 500 winner Ryan Hunter.

Racing simulator like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars have been, for the most part, successfully captured the real aspects of racing, however, the gap of differences is still quite large between sim-racing and its real-life counterpart.


This wasn’t the case for the eSport driver Enzo Bonito, however, spending most of his time mastering iRacing and Assetto Corsa. And this probably was the element that helped him defeat the Brazilian F1 racer Lucas Di Grassi in the aforementioned race.

In the introducing race, Lucas was placed to race against Bonito. Behind the wheel of Vuhl 05s, Enzo Bonito beat the ex-F1 stars by just over half of a second. And this event marked the first time a sim racer has ever beaten a professional racer in a real-life race.


It’s some accomplishment, showing the gap between real life racing and simulator racing can be narrowed. Recently in the McLaren Shadow Project – a show that is used to recruit talented sim racer for the McLaren’s eSports team. Igor Fraga has toppled the aforementioned sim event and is currently chasing his own real-life F1 racing career. Another example of this is F1 star Max Verstappen, who came from virtual racing Team Redline, is as talented on the track as on the virtual simulator.