The developer Dodge Roll Games is very excited to announce their bullet-hell Metroidvania - Enter The Gungeon has reached its milestone of 30 Lakhs copies sold all over the world across all platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. And to celebrate this event, it also revealed that its spin-off - Exit The Gungeon - is blasting its way to PC and consoles as well.

Exit The Gungeon was first launched for Apple Arcade back in the last September and has recorded quite some success with its dungeon-ascending experience. The developer has spread their two games for two major gaming platforms to avoid self-competing, but it's time to make them reunite.

You can see the gameplay trailer of Exit the Gungeon down here to see how its vibrant bullet hell looks like. With the power of PC and consoles, it's supposed to be much more beautiful:

The concept of Exit the Gungeon

Even though Exit the Gungeon is branded as a spin-off of Dodge Roll Games' previous title - Enter the Gungeon, it takes almost the same settings. The only difference between the two games' concept is that Enter the Gungeon leads you down to the bottom of the dungeon, while Exit the Gungeon is your way ascending back to the top to escape from the horrors you've wished you hadn't found.

Exit The Gungeon Pc Consoles Launch 3
Take control of the Gungeoneers to get back to the ground

Meanwhile, its gameplay is also quite similar as well. You'll take control of your 'Geungeoneer' from the bottom of the gungeon, equipped with your weapons and shoot through hordes of enemies and a screen-full of bullets to get back to its entrance alive. It's very easy by words, but when you make your first steps, you'll learn that it is just like the Matrix.

Exit The Gungeon Pc Consoles Launch 4
The roll-dodging in this game feels like Matrix

To be more specific, the enemies are all over the maps (not to mention the bosses), and they shoot tons of ammo into almost every direction. The only way for you to survive is to rely on your quick reflexes to dodge them with your trusty dodge roll, and then fire back at any time you can. In return, they'll give you loots on defeat, which will allow you to upgrade your ever-changing weapons.

Exit The Gungeon Pc Consoles Launch 2
Defeat enemies to gain upgrades for your weapons

The great thing about this game is that you don't need to spend your whole day grinding for goods. Instead, you can enjoy the key features of the game within around half an hour, and drop it at any time you want. Overall, it's a great game to kill times, and also a game that you want to come back every day for a brand new tower-ascending experience.

Exit The Gungeon Pc Consoles Launch 1
You can enjoy this game without consuming the whole day on your PC

Release date and supported platforms

Exit the Gungeon is now available on iOS, and it will come to PC and consoles in "early 2020" - according to the developer. The list of specific consoles is not announced yet, but it is very likely to be the same that Enter the Gungeon supports.