Wheel of Fate is a turn-based RPG game, using machine learning technology to create endless possibilities. The game is currently under development and will be published by UDX Interactive Inc, the same developer who created Mass Effect 2. You can check out the gameplay trailer of the game below.

In an ancient world called Providence, the Fateless legions are coming and threatening your hometown Kismet’s Fall. The town needs a hero now more than ever and Fate has chosen you as its Avatar. Every of your adventure will be in one town and a dungeon inside it. However, the world in the game won't always be the same. As each time you spin the Wheel of Fate, the AI will create new labyrinths, the monsters inside, and the loot you find based on the choices you made.

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You have been chosen by Fate and bear the responsibility to stop Fateless legions to save the town

The game also features a turn-based battle system called the Active Response Battle system. It is somewhat familiar to the battle system from games like Grandia or the ATB system in later Final Fantasy games. There will be an action gauge that allows your character to make a move such as attacking or casting spells when it is full.

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he game also features a turn-based battle system called the Active Response Battle system

There are also tons of gear combinations along with the ability to customize the region’s buildings, craft weapons, and armor freely for players to explore.

Wheel of Fate is currently in development and will be released in Spring 2020 through Steam for PC. The official Kickstarter campaign of the game will start on September 9 this year.