TiGames might be an indie developer, but their ambition is not what you should underestimate. In 2017, from the state of lacking both human and financial resources, it has created a wonderful action-adventure game for PC, PS4 and PSVR namely Ancient Amuletor. The game is widely recognized thanks to its stunning visuals and cool concept of an ancient civilization.

And recently, it has been working on another project namely F.I.S.T - a Metroidvania game with gorgeous Cyberpunk settings and satisfying actions. In this game, you'll step in the shoes of a bad-ass rabbit with a powerful mechanical arm that can punch every enemy until they explode.

The game was revealed back in ChinaJoy 2019, but not until now did we have useful information on its features and supported platforms. But before getting into that, let's watch the trailer of F.I.S.T below to have a brief impression:

Overview on F.I.S.T

F.I.S.T takes the concept of a diesel-punk world, where players can dive in the underground city of China. The developer has done a great job of bringing futuristic elements but still be able to keep the characteristics of China in real life: facilities, advanced metro systems and vibrant neon lights everywhere.

F.I.S.T Ray Tracing Gameplay Trailer 7
Featuring potentially futuristic China

In the middle of the scene, you'll take control of a brown rabbit, but it's not the ordinary animals you used to know. The rabbit has been personified into a bad-ass technician controlling a giant mechanical arm with unexpectedly strong power. The protagonist is on his way to punch through the lines of the wicked transformation troops hold a wide range of futuristic weapons.

F.I.S.T Ray Tracing Gameplay Trailer 7
The most bad-ass rabbit in the gaming scene

That's the only things we've known about the concept of F.I.S.T so far, but in return, the developer has given us an in-depth look on its gameplay. To be more specific, F.I.S.T is a Metroidvania game with highly detailed action and combos that the rabbit protagonist can perform. The trailer above is the best demonstration, but here's what its gameplay will be described by words.

Gameplay features

You'll dive in the vast lands of China where you'll meet not only the friendly NPC but also the hostile enemies as well. The only thing that helps you stand against them is your mechanical arms, and it can do many more things than a real arm can do: punch through metal machines, bringing up to the sky with an uppercut, as well as block incoming bullets, including laser beam.

F I S T Ray Tracing Gameplay Trailer 5
Your arm is useful in both attacking and defending

The punching experience in F.I.S.T is very satisfying with not only the number of skills and combos you can pull off, but also the animation and slow-motion features that let you admire your fighting skills as well. The more you make progress, the more skills you will be able to unlock and upgrades.

F.I.S.T Ray Tracing Gameplay Trailer 7
The stop-motion effects make its combats eye-popping

Speaking about making progress, the adventure in this game is not a joke either. The world is full of highly-advanced facilities that require players to solve several puzzles to get through. Furthermore, there are also some high grounds where you'll have to combine both your double-jump and other skills like the uppercut to get you to. Whether fighting or exploring, you will need the help of your arm!

F.I.S.T Ray Tracing Gameplay Trailer 7
Exploring in F.I.S.T is very fun

In summary, F.I.S.T is a very promising action-adventure game that will take you several hours to complete its story, and still bring you back to it thanks to its greatness in combat and rich in content.

Release date

Nothing much has changed from the last reveal, since F.I.S.T still doesn't have a more specific release date than "2020" yet.

However, through this trailer, the developer TiGames has announced that this game will support Ray Tracing, making the China-esque world and the combats even more visually stunning. Are you excited?