Fight'N Rage is clearly a top tier game within the action-packed beat-em-up genre. Originally came out in 2017, the classic title is heading to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in the near future.

Fight’N Rage
Fight’N Rage - an old-school beat’em up with inspirations from the 90's arcades.

Game overview

In case you’re not familiar with the genre or the title itself, Fight'N Rage understood the core requirements of any great beat-em-up title and nailed it.

As a fantasy brawler, it overwhelms players with beautiful pixel graphics, great-looking characters as well as an intense soundtrack. In addition, Fight'N Rage features a deep fighting system with epic combos and juggles. Combine all those elements and dive into some three-player co-op action is undoubtedly an amazing gaming experience.

Fight'N Rage
Fight'N Rage is easily a top tier beat-em-up brawler.


Digging deeper into the game, we also figure out the great amount of content that Fight'N Rage brings upon. The game offers a choice among three distinct heroes, each with unique moves, unlockable skins and different difficulties. The content will make you go back to the game over and over to explore. Thanks to the branching storylines, there are plenty of endings to discover every time you replay.

Check out the game trailer on upcoming major platforms as below:


Last but not least, it’s the effort of only two developers that is truly commendable. Sebastián García took care of the game’s graphics, design, and code while Gonzalo Varela nailed the game's blistering soundtrack.

Fight'N Rage
Sebastián García and Gonzalo Varela clearly did an outstanding job making the game.

Aside from current PC users, players of other platforms are extremely looking forward to these new ports. The game really has proved itself through the excellent quality and it’s about time it attracts a larger audience.

Fight'N Rage heads to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on Sep 26th and 27th, respectively. The PS4 port is arriving in the near future.