Fortnite's developers Epic Games have recently revealed yet another new game mode called 'Fornite Imposters', with much resemblance to Among Us maps and tasks. This mode was leaked from a dataminer before this, suggesting a collab between Fortnite and Among Us. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Fortnite Imposters.

Gameplay mechanics in Fortnite Imposters

General gameplay

Fortnite Imposters will feature 10 players in total, boarding the Bridge on the island. Amongst them, there will be 8 agents and 2 imposters. The agent's role is to keep things up and running... while the imposters' role is to sabotage the agents and take control of the Bridge.

Fortnite Imposters
Fortnite Imposters General gameplay


The agents are required to complete various assignments like repairing the Battle Bus, calibrating chests and llamas, delivering storm reports and more. Similar to Among Us, agents can win the game by completing all the tasks they are given or voting out all the Imposters.

In order to win, the Agents need to be constantly on the lookout for suspicious activities. Only by figuring out who are the imposters posing as agents could they win the game.

Fortnite Impostors
Agents in Fortnite


Imposters' task is to kill as many agents as possible while remaining anonymous. In order to complete this task, they are given the tools and equipment necessary to sabotage and take over the Bridge. The imposters can disable all the assignments, relocating agents from one place to another... and more.

They can also blend in with the agents by completing tasks. However, every assignment they complete will bring the Agents closer to the finish line.

Among Us
Imposters in Fortnite

Meetings and Voting

Similar to Among Us, Agents and Imposters can call out meetings to discuss the status of fellow agents and report on any suspicious activities they might have seen. A meeting can be called using either the discussion panel in the Bridge's central room or reporting an eliminated agent's fragment.

During the meeting, agents can discuss the gathered information using emotes and quick chat, accusing suspicious agents. At the end of the discussion, a vote would be called for everyone to select the supposed "imposter". This is the only way agents can remove impostors and win. If they fail to figure out the real imposter, however... The more agents get voted out, the closer the imposters are to winning the game.

Fortnite Imposters Mode Among Us
Voting out the Imposters

Is Fortnite Imposters worth playing?

Overall, the concept and gameplay of this mode is pretty much a copy and paste of Among Us... in 3D. While the additions in the Imposters' dashboard might spice it up a little, at the end of the day it is not much of a change at all.

The new mode has already started and is going to be limited time only. However, there's no info about how long it will last. Fans of both titles expect Fortnite Imposters to be just as popular or even more popular than the original version.

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