Bound By Blades is a four square boss hunting action RPG in a cat world of Ashmyr where you slay massive monsters and beasts. Let's first take a look at the trailer of Bound By Blade.

You home town Ashmyr, where you grew up, is being invaded by savaged beasts. It is up to you now to hunt down all of them and save the town.

You can choose from 3 different characters, each with their own skills and combat style, to begin your quest. Killing monsters, collecting loot and upgrading your gears to prepare for the next big fight. There will be different runes in the games that will give you different bonuses and effects. Do you prefer to be aggressive or defensive? Choose the rune that suits your playstyle the most.

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Slaying bosses and upgrade your gears to prepare for the next fight

You can invite your friends to play with you or go on the journey by yourself. Either way, you will never actually be alone as you can also bring your battle pet or your friend's character with you as an NPC.

There will be a lot of useful information and tips you can get from talking to NPCs in the town so make sure not to ignore them.

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Make sure to talk with NPCs around the town

The control in the game is fairly easily for anyone to learn and is suitable for any kind of setup, be it a controller or a keyboard and/or a mouse. Basically, there are 4 attack moves (Quick Attacks, Strong Attacks, Combos, Unique Combo Finishers) and 4 defense moves (Blocking, Dodging, Running and Healing). While it looks simple, it opens up a lot of possibilities when dealing with bosses' skills.

Master all your abilities to deal with bosses' skills

Bound By Blades is expecting to launch a Kickstarter campaign on 25 this September and will be coming to Android, iOS, Switch, PC (Steam) in 2022.