Fans of the world-popular game Genshin Impact pushed two hashtags, #boycottgenshimpact, and #DoBetterMihoyo, to trend on Twitter on Tuesday. So far, the #boycottgenshinimpact tag alone has reached 12,000 tweet times.

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What's the fuzz all about

Everything began when an unconfirmed leak claimed that the new content of the game would not be coming in time. That means Genshin Impact players won't be exploring new places to explore anytime soon. The developer and publisher MiHoYo did not comment in time for publication.

What Caused #boycottgenshimpact Tag Trending?

Genshin Impact fans are hungry for new content. The game hasn’t gotten an area expansion since December 2020. It's true that there various updates and events, but these additions just don't justify.

Genshin Impact Characters
Genshin Impact may not be receiving any new content soon

Therefore, the idea of the devs withholding new content is unacceptable for players. That's why a single unofficial “leak” opened the floodgates to a wave of criticism from Genshin Impact fans on social media to express their upsets over the delay.

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More complaints to come...

But the situation got worse! Players are using the #boycottgenshimpact tag to house their pent-up complaints about the game. All kinds of problems surfaced. Things that are constantly talking points in the fandom at large, things that are not, all come up for good measures.

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Fans of the game are furious

Some even brought up the lackluster account security in the game. Others started debating the portrayal of the game’s few darker-skinned characters. And the list goes on.

Amidst the chaotic storm of complaints, one became the center of attention with tons of retweets and replies. A user pointed out that Hilichurls, the most common goblin-like enemies in the game, took after the Indigenous people. Soon, many players found a clip where a miHoYo devs used footage of Indigenous people dancing to create Hilichurl animations.

Genshin Impact Boycott Twitter 2
Racial issues are also hot topics

Despite the debate seems to get out of hand, players show no sign of dropping the game. They just use the #boycottgenshinimpact hashtag to express years of dissatisfaction. Instead, all of the fans just want Genshin Impact developers to fix what they find problematic.

“#DoBetterMihoyo is more appropriate to use if you don’t actually plan on deleting the game and it also just calls out miHoYo as a company.”

Let's see how miHoYo reflects on the problem.

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