Have you ever dream of becoming the last Earthbender? If you have, Georifters might make your dream come true!

Georifters is a beautiful platformer from Busy Toaster Games, and it's coming to PC and Consoles in 2020.

Let's watch the reveal trailer of the game with us below:

Use the ground to meet your needs in Georifters!

The publisher Another Indie has previously revealed Georifters back in January. However, at that time, there's little information about the game, except for some footages on how the ground-bending mechanics works. And now, after 6 months, we finally have a clear vision of how this game looks and feels!

Georifters Release Date Announced 9
Georifters finally gets a release window

Georifters is basically a 2D side-scrolling platformer, where you will interact with the environment for your own wills. To be more specific, the game allows you to push, pull, spin or flip the ground and other thingies as well.

Georifters Release Date Announced 6
Interact with the environment at your own will

But what would you need that for? The answer is very simple - for everything. It's a platformer, so there must be some traps here and there. That's when this skill coming in very handy, as you can force the traps to hit your enemies instead of you!

Georifters Release Date Announced 5
Explode your traps to your enemies instead

Additionally, the ground controlling skills are not just necessary but mandatory. At some scenes, you'll have to solve some puzzles to get through the level. At those times, you'll have to perform your bending shenanigans to get through the levels. Nevertheless, doing that is fun and helpful anyway, since you also want to collect more stickers.

Georifters Release Date Announced 2
Use your ground-bending ability to solve the puzzles

Those stickers will be used in the future to upgrade your abilities. And to remind you, each character in the game has their distinctive ground-bending abilities. They're easy to get used to but quite challenging to master. And also, further grinding in the game will help you unlock a bunch of weird-looking costumes.

Consisting of three distinctive play modes

Those costumes will make you stand out in your co-op experience in the Adventure Mode. In this mode, you'll take control of a girl named Candy, on her journey to learn and get on with others newcomers from five separate worlds. Their world somehow intertwined with your, and together, you'll learn how to master the ability of ground bending in Georifters.

Georifters Release Date Announced 3
You can play as Candy and 4 other characters

The standard Aventure Mode supports two players co-op. But if you don't like cooperating with your friends, or just have more friends sitting nearby, you can play against them in the competitive modes.

They include a Time Trial Mode - where you and three other players will have a limited amount of time to complete the level. On the way, remember to collect Crystals to give you more time.

Georifters Release Date Announced 8
Collect Crystals to gets more time to finish the level

Another play mode is the Battle Race - where you have to perform all your dirty tricks to stop your friends. You can use your ground-bending ability to strike your friends, or just collect weapons on the way to smack them. It will be a sweet battle with a lot of laughs in your leisure time.

Georifters Release Date Announced 7
Makes fun of your friends with your abilities and weapons

When will it come out?

The developer hasn't planned on the exact release dates of Georifters, but it will come out at some time in 2020. The game supports a wide range of platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam.

Georifters Release Date Announced 4
"Get ready to feel the beat!"

If you can wait that long to touch your hands on this game, here's the good news. You can sign-up for an open beta of Georifters right this moment! This beta will start somewhere around Q4 2019, and it might be your only chance to give it a try before buying.