Video games are a perfect way to fulfill the dreams that you can't realize in real life. And for parkour fans whose hands and legs are not working cooperatively, Savior is the title for you.

It does not only allows you to parkour freely but also fulfill your dream of a chosen one to save this world. Let's watch the trailer below to find out more:

The story of Savior

The whole story of Savior is best described through its title. Specifically, Savior takes the settings of a chaotic land of Arcadia. The land has been struggling with unceasing conflicts between The Fallen and The Chosen. They are the two ancient religious systems that have not gotten on well with each other for a long time.

Amidst the chaos, you'll take control of Sam - a young female stranger to both of the belief systems. Thrusting into the middle of the conflicts, Sam has to gain the trust of both sides to bring the peace back to the land.

Savior Parkour Platformer Game Announce 4
Sam is making her own journey to restore peace and life in the land!

The concept of Savior's story is quite mainstream, and there's nothing much to talk about. However, its gameplay is where the game shines.

Parkour effortlessly with detailed animations

As I've mentioned, Savior allows you to parkour your way everywhere. Furthermore, it's not just a useless only-for-hype mechanic, but it's very necessary for Sam in the future.

To be more specific, you'll have to face some unreachable platform, that requires you to perform acrobatic moves to get your foot on it. Parkour also comes in very handy when you need to avoid enemies' attacks by holding to an edge for a brief time. The developer wants you to focus on this mechanics, as they carefully designed Sam's acrobatic animation. Parkour was never been so realistic before in 16-bit games!

Savior Parkour Platformer Game Announce 3
Use your acrobatic moves to dodge enemies' attacks

Apart from that, the puzzle-solving features in Savior are also worth mentioning. The steps to get through a puzzle varies from just hopping here and there to throwing your spear to cut down the rope. Additionally, with a long spear in your hands, Sam can perform some quick and precise attacks toward your enemies. The spear is also helpful with blocking, which makes the combats always fresh.

Savior Parkour Platformer Game Announce 2
Your spear is your most valuable weapons!

Further diving into the game, you'll have chances to upgrade and unlock new gears, helping you with further exploration.


Even though there's still little information about the game yet, Savior for me is still a worth-try.

Savior Parkour Platformer Game Announce 1
Sam will fly to you really soon!

We don't know when the developer Starsoft Entertainment releases this Metroid-like game yet, but we'll keep you updated if there is further news in the future!