Wonder what if there's a game that brings the most outstanding features from Dishonored and Mirror's Edge? Give a look at Ghostrunner, and believe me, it will 100% satisfy your eyes!

Ghostrunner is the product from the developer One More Level. Taking this chance, the developer All in! Games also unveiled an announcement trailer for the game. It showcases the cyberpunk-themed world and beautiful gameplay of Ghostrunner, and you can see it below:

The background story

Ghostrunner takes the settings of a fictional future world. A global disaster has struck the Earth, wiping out all most all of humanity's population. The survivors now have to live in a tower constructed by The Architect - the mysterious one that dies years ago. Everyone knows the reasons behind his death, but no one says it by words.

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
The remaining survivors are living in the tower

Nevertheless, now people have to live under the rule of The Keymaster. Specifically, it categorized a person's worth by judging their implants. The implants are the things that a person receive at his/her birth, and they are the things that directly determine which social group ones lie in. This means you can't do anything to get a better living situation.

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
The worth of a person is judged on their implants

That's why a rebellion is unavoidable. Leading that rebellion is you - a cyber warrior - the one and only who can fight in both the physical world and the virtual world. Lost and hunted, you're stuck in the middle of this conflict. The only way for you to get out is by using this bond with technology to climb up the tower.

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
The only way to get out of this situation is to ascend the tower

Your objective is getting to the top of the tower to find a mystery behind this stupid order. The higher you climb, the more you unveil about the secret. However, The Keymaster doesn't allow you to mess up his authority that easily, He'll send many minions to stop you, and you don't have another choice other than killing or be killed!

Parkouring, Freezing times and Slash down your enemies in Ghostrunner

The developer didn't speak much about Ghostrunner's gameplay. However, from the trailer, we can figure out most of the special features in this game. Basically, Ghostrunner is a first-person-perspective action-adventure game, in which you'll explore the tower through your own eyes.

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
Ghostrunner is the first-person-perspective game with cyberpunk-themed graphics

To break it down a little bit, the game will throw you in the cyberpunk-themed world. With a sharp sword in your hand, you'll have to slash down the Keymaster's minions and get to the top of the tower. However, your enemies will be fully armed with ray-shooting guns, and you can't let them touch you.

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
Get in the fast-paced combats with an insanely sharp sword

That's where the fun starts. In this fast-paced title, you can wall-parkouring to get to the enemies, dodging their bullet and slice them down. Ghostrunner features the one-hit-one-kill mechanics, which you'll cut them down to bloody parts with only one slice. The bullets in this game are very intense, and it'll raise your adrenaline level to the top!

Ghostrunner Fpp Action Adventure Cyberpunk Themed
Ghostrunner features one-hit-one-kill mechanics

At this moment, we don't have any specific release date of the game from the developer yet. They promised that it will come out at a vague time in 2020.

However, we've known that Ghostrunner is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC through Steam. That's a great news indeed, as both PC and Consoles gamers will have a chance to touch our hands on this fascinating title.