Not all last bosses in video games are killed in normal ways like thrust, behead, shoot, beat with kung-fu, or throw a grenade. There are some bosses in video games that you need to glide headlong inside their bodies and kill them from insides. Let’s check out some giant bosses you need to kill from insides.

Cronos in God of War III

Many gamers think that it’s hard to defeat big bosses in video games. But Cronos in God of War III is exceptional. The biggest Titan swallowed Kratos, but he said it would hurt Cronos, not him. And it’s true. Kratos defeated this Titan without a hitch even though Kratos is much smaller than the beast’s finger. The disgusting thing is that you have to creep into the stomach of this Titan, destroy him from insides, and get the Omphalos Stone to complete the mission. This one of the most giant bosses will be destroyed with a severe cut in his stomach and thrust on the forehead with Kratos’s sword.

Cronos Vs Kratos In God Of War Iii
Cronos Vs Kratos In God Of War III

Gaia in God of War III

Kronos is not the only giant boss Kratos has to defeat in God of War III. This character also has to kill the Titan Gaia in a three-sided war with the final boss Zeus and this titan. At first, Gaia and Kratos co-operate to defeat Zeus but failed. The titan wanted to kill both Zeus and Kratos. But then, both father and son fell inside her body. The last game of Kratos and Zeus happened in her chest, near Gaia’s heart. And when Kratos pressed on Zeus with the Blade of Olympus, the blade thrust in Gaia’s heart and kill the female titan from insides.

The Titan Gaia In God Of War Iii
The Titan Gaia in God of War III

Water Dragon in Okami

Okami is an interesting action-adventure game developed by Ready at Dawn, Capcom and Clover Studio and launched by Capcom in 2006. In this game, players receive a mission of taking back Dragon Balls. It requires players to glide headlong inside the Water Dragon, defeat bosses, and take the treasures. After you take away the Dragon Ball inside the Water Dragon, it dies and sinks into the sea. Players have to follow the direction and get out of the Water Dragon.

Inside The Water Dragon In Okami
Inside The Water Dragon In Okami

Gordiant in Lost Planet II

In Lost Planet II and throughout the Lost Planet game series, players have to face and defeat many giant bosses, including Gordiant. This is a Category G Akrid boss that players need to defeat in this shooting game. This monster lives in a lake, so it’s most powerful in the aquatic environment. It also has six legs which can regenerate after being cut off. Moreover, you should watch out the hits from its strong spiked tail. Players can attack and kill Gordiant in different ways, aiming at its weak points insides its body. This might be the fastest and most effective way to defeat this giant final boss.

Gordiant In Lost Planet Ii
Gordiant Monster in Lost Planet II

Clayface in Batman: Arkham City

In Arkham City, Batman has to kill Clayface to find the cure for the poison he infected. This monster signed up with Joker and got the cure. It seems to be difficult to defeat this final boss as it can transform into many shapes. Moreover, it can reform again and again, and create more clay clones from its lumps of clay. However, you have to put an end to the duel. Use an ice bomb to freeze and disable the monster. Then, jump into Clayface mouth and thrust the monster from insides with your sword. That’s the way you prevent it from regenerate and kill this boss.

Kill Clayface From Insides
Kill Clayface From Insides

Above are five giant bosses that you need to destroy from their insides. Damages from outsides can hardly kill these bosses. Thus, you need a wise strategy to eliminate these monsters and complete the missions.