Greedfall is a very ambitious action-RPG title from developer Spiders. An island paradise with magic and monsters is the main settings in this game, and it has never been closer than today.

Sets in the 17th century-styled fantasy setting, Greedfall is launching for major platforms like PC, Xbox One and PS4!

A magical land of Teer Fradee island lies ahead of you!

A brand-new launch trailer

To hype things up for the upcoming launch, developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive have just released a brand-new trailer to tease us. The 97-second-video shows off the distinct in-game setting while revealing a few details about the plot.

However, the most exciting thing is definitely the monsters – mysterious creatures on the Teer Fradee island. Here’s the launch trailer of Greedfall:

Storyline of Greedfall

Greedfall has been receiving a lot of attention from developer Spiders. They have worked on projects like The Technomancer or Bound by Flame in the past but apparently, Greedfall is entirely a different beast. The plague Malichor has savaged the world of Greedfall while explorers have discovered an untouched island, ripe for discovery. This is where you get to take part in.

Explore the mysterious land - always expect the unexpected!

Begin as a neutral human, you have a noble mission towards the fate of Teer Fradee. Elves are the citizens here but many others have entered the island to start salvaging the land. Every single decision of yours matters! As you shape your story, each choice you make with the factions here will have very far-reaching consequences for everyone.

The hype is real

Just by the idea of the game, it’s very intriguing to try the game out immediately. It will be a magical land in Teer Fradee, a mix of reality and unimaginable magic, not to mention the classic RPG genre.

The devs team mentioned “classless”, which means there will be a huge diversity of builds into Greedfall. Hopefully, the game would live up to its high anticipation and bring out an outstanding experience.

Greedfall heads to PC, Xbox One & PS4 on September 10th.