Have you ever been in Hell to confirm that it's only full of wicked creatures and sins? If you don't, why don't we imagine that what would Hell be like with cute grim reapers? Grimm's Hollow is the perfect game for such visualization, and even better, it's completely free to play!

Grimm's Hollow will put you into the shoes of a new Death in the Purgatory, but your job is not only leading the souls of the dead here but to party and have fun with other Grim Reapers while searching for your brother.

You can see the game's trailer below for more details:

The story of Grimm's Hollow

Grimm's Hollow takes the settings of the world of the dead, where everything has to be adorable, from the Death to the Ghostlings. You'll step in the shoes of Lavender, just waking up from her sleep, just like any normal day. However, today is 'little' different, as she was surrounded by a group of hype strangers wearing weird skull masks.

Grimms Hollow Free To Play Steam Itch Io 1
Lavenders find a bunch of weird people celebrating by her bed

They've gathered with colorful balloons and cake to celebrate some kind of events. Oh wait, they're celebrating the appearance of Lavender! Turns out this is not her house, and it was not her birthday either! You've somehow become one of the over-excited Grim Reaper in the Purgatory!

Absolutely baffled by this incident, she soon finds that her brother is nowhere to be found. Now, she'll have to make a thorough plan to find her brother and get out of Hollow full of weird unfamiliar people.

Gameplay features

Before Lavender can start your journey in the Hollow and find your brother, she'll have to blend in the society here first. You don't have to wear a black cloak like the strange Deaths here, but holding a scythe is a must! Now, you're ready to reap some souls and find some information about the lost kid.

Grimms Hollow Free To Play Steam Itch Io 5
Reap some souls for information on your brother

Grimm's Hollow is a Zelda-esque RPG game with beautiful pixelated graphics, as you'll control Lavender exploring the world of the dead. You can find clues on the boys by talking with the inhabitants here. The game provides a wide range of exciting NPC, which you laugh at their bad jokes every day while taking candy and snacks from them.

Grimms Hollow Free To Play Steam Itch Io 3
I wonder how the bread in the underworld will taste like

Not for free of course, since they'll give you some missions that you'll need to use your Grim Reaper's skills for. The combat in this game is very simple, as it uses the timing mechanics to deliver the attacks. The more precise you are with your timing, the more powerful your attacks will become.

After each battle, you can enjoy the snacks that the NPC gives you, which will regen some of your HP and MP. Don't get too deep into fighting, or you'll die before reaching your brothers. The fights will also give you EXP to level up and unlock sets of skills through a skill tree, which will help you with your future encounters.

Grimms Hollow Free To Play Steam Itch Io 4
Upgrade your skills with the EXP you gathered

In the end, Grimm's Hollow is a short but intriguing RPG game that doesn't require you to grind heavily. In fact, you're encouraged to spend your time with the adorable characters in the game and learn about their problems more than fighting the boring ghosts that barely strike you back. All of those experiences will take place with upbeat BGM in the background, which will light up your journey in the darkest place on the world.

Grimms Hollow Free To Play Steam Itch Io 6
The BGM makes your fighting less boring

Grimm's Hollow is free to play now on Steam and Itch.io.