Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that needs no introduction to gamers around the world. Since its initial release in 1997, the action-adventure title has established itself as one of the best for the last 23 years and showed no sign of stepping down any time soon. Rockstar Games manages to keep everything original of the series while adding new twists and tweaks of contemporary tech. Today, we will tackle a burning problem regarding GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike!

Bikes in Grand Theft Auto 3

Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto III back in 2001. It's the first financially successful game of the open-world concept. GTA 3 was the prototype for every key feature of the franchise's future. Players can enjoy the game from the third-person perspective, exploring and interacting with the surrounding environment.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Original
GTA 3 was a genre-defining game

Upon release, critics were praising GTA 3's ts concept and gameplay. However, there are still things missing from the game. And one of the biggest complaints in the GTA Fan Community so far has been the lack of motorcycles and helicopters. Bikes and choppers are not native to the game, which means players can not find them in GTA 3. But we have a trick up our sleeves, a GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike Android and PC to solve this problem.

GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike

Before we start, we would like to make a statement that the following trick is not entirely a cheat of any kind. Players won't be entering any codes to activate or spawn the motorcycle in GTA 3, but rather adding it to the game themselves. That's because Rockstar Games did not include any motorbike models in the game engine. With that being said, let's jump right in on the trick!

How to Add Bikes to GTA 3

To actually be able to ride a bike in GTA 3, players will have to outsource a model from later games or mods. Mods are a bit easier to install and use, so we're going with them in this guide. You can download GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike PC and Android here:

Gta 3 Art
Add more vehicles to your GTA 3

GTA 3 Bike Mod Features 

A member of the GTA Garage community submitted a little file pack that includes several bikes for GTA 3. This mod includes:

  • Avenger Angel Faggio Bike (not included on V1)
  • Diablos Chopper(not included on V1)
  • Freeway (may not work, not included on V1)
  • Sanchez Dirtbike
Gta 3 Lcs Cars
There are mods that install GTA Liberty City Stories car models to GTA 3

The GTA 3 Bike Mod has 2 versions. There is one that replaces trucks and vans (Rumpo, Linerunner, Pony, etc... ), while the other adds new bikes and cars. The first version of the mod is now completed with a little bonus surprise. You can see it for yourself at Capital Autos, hint, a special drivable car. There is not a GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike App under development.

How to Install GTA 3 Bike Mod

Follow the steps below to install the mod on your device (it works for both Android phones and PCs):

  1. Extract all files from the mod
  2. Delete and add them to gta3.img and txd.img (only txd files in txd.img!)
  3. Find vehicles.col archive and extract Diablos, Pony, and Rumpo collision files
  4. Enter vehicles.col from your GTA 3 root folder (models/coll), then delete the existing Diablos, Pony, and Rumpo and add new ones (Chapter 4)
  5. Locate the default.ide archive, copy the necessary strings, then delete and paste them in GTA 3 default.ide.
  6. Enter in handling.cfg and repeat for Chapter 5

Other Cheat Codes for GTA 3

Though you can not spawn a motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto 3 right off the bat, there are still other interesting vehicles to try. Along with that, we also list out all the cheat codes for GTA 3 on PC and Android devices.

Here are all the cheats for GTA 3, GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike And Cars included:

  • ANICESETOFWHEELS: Invisible Cars
  • BANGBANGBANG: Explode all surrounding cars
  • COOLBOY: Get money
  • BEEFCAKE: Increase Brutality
  • BIGSCORE: 10 million RP
  • BLASTBOY: Unlock all weapons
  • BOOOOORING: Slow the game
  • CORNERSLIKEMAD: Better car handling
  • CUTIE1: 99 lives
  • FLAMEON: Get the flamethrower
  • FORALLGT: All weapons.
  • GESUNDHEIT: Health
  • GIVEUSATANK: Spawn Tank
  • DANISGOD: Get 200,000 dollars
  • DESIRES: Maximum level.
  • ELVIS IS HERE: No police.
  • FISHFLAP: Spawn small cars.
  • GODOFGTA: Unlock all weapons and ammunition
  • GOREFEST: Bloody mode.
Gta 3 Remastered
Have you tried GTA 3 Remastered
  • GUNSGUNSGUNS: More guns
  • HIGHFIVE: 5x multiplier.
  • HUNSRUS: Invisibility.
  • ILIKESCOTLAND: Cycle to foggy weather
  • IAMASUCKER: All levels, weapons, god mode
  • ILIKEDRESSINGUP: Change skins
  • ITSALLGOINGMAAAD: Pedestrians go crazy
  • ITSALLUP: Level selection
  • JAMDAVEJ: Get $9,999,990
  • LIVELONG: Unlimited health
  • LOSEFEDS: No police
  • MADWEATHER: Bad weather
  • MOREPOLICEPLEASE: Increase 2 police levels
  • MUCHCASH: $500,000
  • NOBODYLIKESME: Pedestrians against you
  • PEASOUP: Fog
  • RSJABBER: Invincibility
  • TUMYFROG: Unlock all levels
  • SKINCANCERFORME: Sunny weather
  • VOLTEST: Lightning pistol
  • WEAPONSFORALL: Pedestrians have weapons
  • WUGGLES: Show the coordinates
  • YAKUZADEATH: God mode
Gta 3 Cars
The car selection in GTA 3 isn't the greatest

That's everything you need to know about GTA 3 Cheat Codes for Bike. Though you can not spawn a motorcycle in the original GTA 3, a mod may help you tackle that nuisance. But if you don't feel like using mods for your game, it's totally fine. There are still many things to do in Grand Theft Auto 3. Maybe spawn a Tank to wreak havoc upon the city! For more guides, tips, and tricks regarding the GTA franchise, visit our website at