The Grand Theft Auto franchise needs no introduction to the world of gamers. Since its first release in 1997, the action-adventure title has now established itself as one of the most prestigious names on the market. Older installments of the game, such as Grand Theft Auto 3, are still relevant at the time of writing. Players can enjoy the iconic gameplay on newer gen consoles, such as the PlayStation 4. And if you're trying the game for the first time, here's a list of Cheats For GTA 3 PS4 to help you ease in!

Grand Theft Auto 3

Released in 2001 by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto III is an action-adventure game that follows the 1999's GTA II. It tells the story of the criminal Claude, who is on a mission to revenge on his girlfriend. She betrayed and left him during a bank robbery, which later made his fate intertwined with the world of crime, drugs, gangs, and corruption. GTA 3 defines the open-world design, allowing players to freely roam and interact with different elements in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Original
Public says GTA 3 defines the open-world concept

GTA III received critical acclaim right after its release, praising in-depth concept and gameplay. However, the game also sparked controversy directed at its depictions of sex and violence. It was the best-selling video game of 2001 with over 14.5 million copies sold. GTA III is often listed as one of the greatest video games of all time, a true genre-defining of the sixth generation of video games, and a milestone in the open-world concept.

Grand Theft Auto III on PS4

In 2015, Rockstar Games and Sony shook hands to convert the original game on PS2 to the new PS4 console. Players can experience Grand Theft Auto III with full 1080p up-rendering and new features such as Trophies, Share Play, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support. However, there may be periodical glitches or functions not work properly. GTA 3 PS4 Cheats are also available.

Gta3 Remastered
For a game released in 2001, this does not look too shabby!

How to Use Cheat Codes for GTA 3 PS4?

Players can control every aspect of the game and put a new twist on their GTA 3 gameplay with cheat codes. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate cheats in Grand Theft Auto 3:

  • #1 Save your current session in a new slot: On a newer gen console like the PS4, cheats in GTA 3 may deactivate Trophies. Plus, some permanent cheats cannot be deactivated. You will need to create a new save for safety measures.
  • #2 Pick a code: Choose a code you want to activate from the list below.
  • #3 Enter the cheat: Just stand completely still, then enter the buttons in the correct sequence without pausing the game to activate the cheats.
  • #4 Cheats now activated: Congratulations, you're now officially a cheater!

List of Cheats for GTA 3 PS4

Here are all the cheats GTA 3 PS4 as well as older PlayStation consoles (PS2, PS3):

Gameplay Cheats

  • Flying carsRIGHT, R2, CIRCLE, R1, L2, DOWN, L1, R1
  • NPC attackDOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, X, R1, R2, L1, L2 
  • Maximum armorR2, R2, L1, L2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
  • NPC riotDOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, X, R1, R2, L2, L1
  • Unlock all weaponsR2, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP 
  • Give $250,000R2, R2, L1, L1, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
  • NPC carry weaponsR2, R1, TRIANGLE, X, L2, L1, UP, DOWN
  • GTA 3 PS4 health cheat: R2, R2, L1, R1, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP 
  • Better handlingR1, L1, R2, L1, LEFT, R1, R1, TRIANGLE
  • Invisible carsL1, L1, SQUARE, R2, TRIANGLE, L1, TRIANGLE
  • Decrease wanted levelR2, R2, L1, R2, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN
  • Increase Wanted LevelR2, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT 
  • Cars auto explode: L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, L2, L
  • Toggle Character SkinRIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, L1, L2, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT
Gta3 Woman
Experience a whole new game with cheats codes

Weather Cheats:

  • Increase fogL1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, SQUARE 
  • Enhanced fogL1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, CIRCLE
  • Maximum fogL1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X - The 
  • Sunny weatherL1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, TRIANGLE
Gta3 Running
Increase/Decrease Your Wanted Level According to Your Will

That wraps up our article today on cheats for GTA 3 PS4. You will be amazed at how much fun a "senior" game can bring! Plus, this classic title will not take a toll on your console system, and there will be tons of room to install more games to play. Just remember to save your progress before entering any cheats. You don't want to lose every trophy you earned! For more guides, tips, and tricks regarding gaming, visit our website at