GTA 4 last mission is named Out of Commission if you choose the Revenge Ending. If you choose the Deal Ending, the last mission is "A Revenger's Tragedy". To complete this mission, you have to chase and kill Jimmy or Dimitri, both of whom are antagonists of this game part. Here's the gameplay of this mission as well some bugs and rewards of the last mission. Check it out below with

GTA 4 Last Mission Gameplay

Out of Commission is the last mission of GTA 4 when you choose the Revenge Ending. You need to go through the game story and complete all previous story mission to unlock it. You will control the character Niko to complete this mission. This mission has some objectives that you need to do.

Follow The Lackeys Of Jimmy
Follow The Lackeys Of Jimmy
  • Meet Jacob and Roman who are waiting to help you in a car in Alderney. Before that, you will receive a call from Jacob informing you about the meeting position.
  • Get in the car and let them take you to follow Pegorino's goons who will lead you to the location of Pegorino.
Find Jimmy
Get To The Location Of Jimmy And Find Him In The Old Casino.
  • Find out Jimmy Pegorino inside the old Casino. You will encounter some geared Pegorino's goons and you can easily take them down with the weapons and some frag grenades you have bought at the beginning of the mission.
Take Down The Lackeys
Take Down The Lackeys
  • Jimmy runs away and tries to escape. You have to chase him. On the way to capture and kill Jimmy, you will encounter some lackeys of him. Fight to take all them down.
Chase Jimmy
Chase Jimmy With The Given Motorbike
  • Get on the bike to chase Jimmy who is trying to escape with a canoe. Jacob and Roman will drive a helicopter to chase Jimmy with you. Head to the booster to jump high and get on the helicopter. Then, you will drive the chopper to chase the antagonist.
Stay Close To Jimmy
Drive The Helicopter To Chase And Stay Close To Jimmy
  • Get low and stay close to Jimmy driving the canoe on the river to fire and destroy the canoe. Then, land on the nearest port to continue to chase Jimmy.
  • Take the lackeys down and kill Jimmy.
Kill Jimmy
After landing, find and kill the target.

After killing Jimmy Pegorino with some bullets, you complete the last mission of GTA 4.

GTA 4 Last Mission Space Bug Solution

There is a bug in the fifth objective of the game when you climb up to Jacob's helicopter. You will need to tap the space bar repeatedly to jump in the chopper. However, you will meet a serious bug when the spacebar seems to not work as normal. When you tap the spacebar repeatedly, it only changes the angle of the camera, and cannot help Niko jump in the chopper.

Climb To The Chopper
There Is A Bug When Players Tap The Spacebar To Climb To The Chopper

Then, your character will fall off the chopper and fail the mission. To solve this problem and complete this objective, you should pause the game before the jump in the booster position. Then, switch to Windows and open the task manager.

Then, right-click on the file of GTAIV.exe in the task manager and select the option of "Set Affinity...". Next, deselect all options except for the option of "CPU 0". After that, you can turn back to the game, resume the mission, and jump to the helicopter by tapping the Spacebar repeatedly.

GTA 4 Last Mission Roman Dies

It happens if you choose to play the Deal Ending in this game. The last mission is called "A Revenger's Tragedy". You also buy weapons from a black shop underground at the beginning of the mission. The two first objectives of this Deal Ending last mission are pretty similar to those of the Revenge Ending's last mission. You also meet Jacob in his car in Alderney and follow Jimmy's goons to find him.

You Also Follow Jimmys Goons
You Also Follow Jimmys Goons At The Beginning Of The Mission.

But unlike in Out of Commission, Roman won't join the chase with you and Jacob. Then, you also have to take down the lackeys of Jimmy in his location. But the target you need to chase and kill is Dimitri, the main antagonist in GTA 4. After finding Dimitri in the old casino, you will see him killing Jimmy.

Your Target Is Dimitri
But Your Target In This Mission Is Dimitri

Next, Dimitri also runs away to escape you. Chase him and take down his lackeys. Unlike Jimmy, the main antagonist will escape on a helicopter and you have to chase him with a boat parking at the nearby port. You also need to dodge the bullets and missiles launched by Dimitri's chopper.

You Go To Find And Kill Dimitri Alone
You Go To Find And Kill Dimitri Alone

Jacob will come to help you by helicopter. Jump to get underneath the helicopter to chase Dimitri. When both of the helicopters are destroyed by missiles, you land on the ground and continue to chase Dimitri on foot. Take the goons down with your gun and find out Dimitri on the Square. Just fight the geared lackeys and don't hurt innocent citizens. Then, kill the antagonist.

GTA 4 Final Mission Rewards

After completing the final mission of the Revenge Ending storyline, you will get $250,000, unlock the Annihilator, and get a trophy called "You Won". Moreover, if you finish the game within 30 minutes, you will receive the "Liberty City Minute" trophy.

Gta 4 Last Mission Rewards
You will get a lot of rewards after completing those missions.

After completing the Deal Ending's last mission, you can unlock Annihilator and get a trophy called "You Won". Besides, players completing this mission within 30 minutes also get a trophy called "Liberty City Minute". Therefore, more players choose the Revenge Ending storyline to get more rewards.

More Players Choose The Revenge Ending
A Lot Of Players Prefer The Revenge Ending

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