The second week of GTA Online's Halloween event kicked off a while ago and introduce a Jack o’ Lanterns treasure hunt. Players must find and collect pumpkins scattered all over the map, throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. By doing so, they can earn rewards every day for the whole week.

There are over 200 pumpkins on the map. In this article, Gurugamer will showcase the locations for all the Jack o’ Lanterns collectibles, among other events like UFO.

All Jack o' Lanterns locations in GTA Online

Below are the locations of all Jack o' Lanterns on the map. There are just too many to find - they are on the streets, verandas, parks, and more... Players will need to go door to door on almost every street to get them all.

To begin collecting, players should go to Mirror Park, Rancho, Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights, Mission Row, Chamberlain Hills, and Pill Box Hill. There should be pumpkins sitting on the front porch of at least one house in every couple of streets. Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Grand Senora Desert, and Paleto Bay in Blaine County have Jack-o’-lanterns lurking around most corners.

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GTA Jack o' Lanterns locations Part 1
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GTA Jack o' Lanterns locations Part 2
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GTA Jack o' Lanterns locations Part 3

Finding 10 of them will unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and yield a $50K bonus. Finding all 200 pumpkins within 24 hours will yield rarer items like the Pumpkin Tee and additional cash bonuses.

You can check your progress towards this by opening the Interaction Menu and choosing Inventory > Daily Collectibles then looking at Trick Or Treat.

On top of that, every time you collect a Jack O' Lantern you'll receive either a Trick or a Treat. What you get is completely random - pumpkins can yield health and armor or inflict Shocked/Stoned.

UFOs photography locations

Players can finally locate UFOs in the skies of Los Santos, starting today. Rockstar has announced this event on Newswire:

Keep your eyes to the skies and your Snapmatic camera handy — mysterious reports of unidentified aircraft have locals scratching their heads. Documentarians who provide a record of each and every sighting this month will collect a fee from a generous believer.

To participate in this event, players can take a picture of the UFO and send them to Omega for cash and RP rewards. Photographing all the UFOs will yield extra rewards. The events feature 17 “stages” of UFO sightseeing, with the last one being on Halloween.

Just remember that the UFOs only appear from 10pm to 4am in-game time.

Day UFO Location
1 Paleto Bay Peninsula
2 Above Sunken UFO In Paleto
3 Mount Chiliad
4 El Gordo Lighthouse
5 Altruist Camp
6 Silent Probe Mountain
7 Satellite Relay Station
8 Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
9 Shack and Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
10 Patriot House
11 Farm
12 Palar-Taylor Power Station
13 Paleto Area
14 Altruist Camp and Zancudo
15 East Blaine County
16 Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE Headquarters
17 All over city of Los Santos


  • If you take a picture of a UFO with your Snapomatic camera, you will get $15,000 and 1,000 RP.
  • If you successfully take a picture of all 25 UFOs in the game, you will be rewarded with a "Believe" hat.
  • On the last day, if you ended up actually being abducted by the aliens, you will come back with UFO boxers.

New game modes

Additionally, players can also try the recently added Judgement Day Adversary Mode throughout the month. By playing, they can collect 3 special masks:

  • Conquest mask - Playing GTA Online this week
  • Dark Green Vintage Vampire mask – Completing a Special Cargo Sell Mission
  • Brown Vintage Frank mask – Signing up and enlisting services as an Associate or Bodyguard in an organization

Double cash and RP also apply to the traditional Slasher Adversary Mode and Alien Survivals.

New masks in GTA Online Halloween Event

These masks are based on classic horror movie villains Dracula and Frankenstein. The first mask, Conquest, does not have the same theme, however.

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Conquest mask

This mask is previously featured in the Judgement Day Adversary Mode in GTA V Online. It is incredibly simple to get the Conquest mask in this event as all you have to do is play GTA Online.

Dark Green Vintage Vampire mask

The second mask requires players to finish a special cargo sell mission.

Brown Vintage Frank mask

The third mask requires players to become a Bodyguard or Associate in an organization.

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