In GTA Online, hangars are one of the most important purchases, as players need a location to store all their flying vehicles. Players can buy hangars from the Maze Bank Foreclosures app, which is equipped with CEO offices to fulfill contraband cargo missions via the skies.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all 5 hangars in GTA Online, ranked from best to worst.

1. Hangar 3497 - Fort Zancudo

Hangar 3497 is the best hangar to purchase in GTA Online. First of all, it is the cheapest place in Fort Zancudo, with a price tag of $2,085,000. Its location is also pretty convenient - being the first hangar on the lot, players should be able to reach it very easily.

Hangars Gtao Zancudo3497
Right at the heart of one of the IAA's most exclusive and sought-after black sites.

Additionally, the fact that it's a hangar inside Fort Zancudo gives you low-level clearance, allowing travel inside the base without getting chased by NPCs. Another added perk is that its location is conveniently close to the base's epic Laser airplane that you can take out for a joyride.

The only downside to the Zancudo 3497 hangar is its door features and exterior design. Its door seems slightly lower and the hangar structure is less wide (compared to Hanger 1 in Los Santos Airport and the neighboring A2).

2. Hangar 1 - Los Santos International Airport

Hangar 1 is probably the best hangar to purchase if you want a place in the Los Santos International Airport. While it is more expensive than the A17 at $1,525,000, the extra $300k is definitely worth it.

Hangars Gtao Lsia1
The hangar 1's design is very refined.

The design of Hangar 1 is fairly fortified and secure, similar to the A2 Hangar in Fort Zancudo, but with a more refined structural design. The entry door is especially large, spanning almost the entire width of the hangar, allowing players to park any aircraft easily without crashing.

The location of hangar 1 is a problem, however, as the smuggling missions usually occur on the opposite side of the map, in Paleto Bay or Sandy Shores. These 2 locations are near Fort Zancudo, and sometimes you might veer into the base flying to Paleto Bay. You'll immediately receive a wanted level doing this, and will have to evade enemy fire because of the lack of clearance.

3. Hangar 3499 - Fort Zancudo

Hangar 3499 is the furthest away from the other two hangars in Fort Zancudo. Its location is not that great, and because of that, players might run into problems while doing cargo smuggling missions. The price tag of the 3499 is also fairly high, at $2, 650,000.

Hangars Gtao Zancudo3499
This wonderful property is chock full of history.

However, being a Fort Zancudo hangar location, 3499 also grants you the perk of flying over and landing securely at the airport base without fear of the heat and a hounding attack from land and air upon your arrival. This is more than enough to put the 3499 ahead of the A2 hangar. Additionally, its side doors are fairly tall, allowing players to park any kind of jet inside.

4. Hangar A17 - Los Santos International Airport

Hangar A17 in the Los Santos International Airport is the cheapest location in the game - you can acquire it for only $1.2 million. There are tons of drawbacks to buying this hangar, however. The hangar door is much smaller, which means players need to be very careful when parking planes. It is also in LSIA, which means players won't get a free pass to fly through Zancudo.

Hangars Gtao Lsiaa17
More tons of contraband enter and leave San Andreas via LSIA than any other point in the state.

Appearance-wise, the exterior of the A17 has an almost barnlike appearance, and it looks very shabby and decrepit. There's also the signature Pegasus logo across the top, but it doesn't really do much for the charm. Its location within the airport is also rather bad - the place is much farther from the entrance than hangar 1. The distance can become an issue when completing a mission, as players might need to land the aircraft safely inside the hangar while getting chased by others.

5. Hangar A2 - Fort Zancudo

The A2 is the most expensive hangar in GTA Online, with a $3,250,000 price tag. It looks heavily fortified from the outside, and the hangar doors can open wide for easy access. The A2 is also near the center of the fort and close to any available jet, which players can get in and take off at any time. Similar to the other Zancudo hangars, the A2 also provides low-level clearance, allowing players to fly to the base without getting shot at.

Hangars Gtao Zancudoa2
When it comes to hiding in plain sight, it doesn't get much plainer than the largest military installation in the state.

The only reason the A2 is considered the worst hangar is because of its price. Pretty much all hangars in the Zancudo provide the same benefit, and paying an extra 1.2 million is not that ideal.

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