The final batch of GTA Online Los Santos Drug War updates has finally come out, including the long-anticipated Last Dose missions. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete changelog of The Last Dose Update, including new vehicles, events, and more.

1. The Last Dose Missions

Both The First Dose and The Last Dose are awarding 2X GTA$ and RP through March 29. Players should complete these missions right away to get the free boost. There are 5 missions in the Last Dose and players can get started by looking for a call from Dax or visiting The Freakshop.

The Last Dose Missions

This Is An Intervention

Head to the Fooliganz’ annual meet-up to get back into the swing of things. Surely nothing could sour the mood. It's always a good idea to bring snacks to a party, but you may as well come fully equipped with body armor and automatic weapons too.

Unusual Suspects

Dax isn’t the type to allow the abduction of one of his own slide — let The Lost and their hippie allies know this aggression will not stand and learn what you can about Labrat’s captors along the way. Intimidation is always necessary in this kind of business, but be careful you don't kill the gang leaders who might be able to give you some answers.


Storm the FriedMind Pharmaceuticals HQ to gather clues, rescue the missing members of the troupe, and return them safely to The Freakshop. The stealthy approach could be the smart way of getting in and out without raising the alarm but keep your head on a swivel and check your corners — it only takes one guard with a shotgun to end you.

Checking In

Pay a visit to the local rehab facility that’s running trials using Labrat’s stolen recipe. Be careful, or you might end up becoming a test subject. Protecting Dax and Luchadora should be your top priority when heading into the maelstrom, so lead the charge and remove as much resistance as you can. The troupe relies on you, Fresh Meat.


Add final insult to injury by clearing out your competition’s remaining supply and stomping them out of existence in the process. That’s the Fooliganz way. There'll be no stopping Dax from attempting to procure every bit of product he can get his hands on. Be ready to keep a lot of heat off his back when the time comes and make use of every bit of cover you can find.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander is going to be the new opponent in the Last Dose missions.

2. The Last Dose Event & Rewards

By completing the Last Dose, players can earn the following rewards

  • Complete The Last Dose Mission This is an Intervention to get the Floral Güffy Pool Sliders.
  • Resupply your Acid Lab and complete a Sell Mission to get the Black Enema Flourish Ski mask.
  • Complete a daily Stash House to receive the Teal Enema Flourish Ski mask.
  • Finish all The Last Dose missions to get the Lime Leopard Slab cap and Canvas Shoes.
  • Earn The Last Dose rewards now through March 29. Gifts will be delivered within 10 days of completion.

1.5x Gta$ And Rp On Fooligan Jobs

Defend the Fooliganz' honor across Los Santos and reap an extra 50% GTA$ and RP by contacting Dax and sabotaging the troupe’s rivals, committing theft, poisoning the local water supply, and more by completing Fooligan Jobs throughout the week.

Double Supplies On Acid Lab Resupply Missions

The local population’s appetite for psychoactive drugs is ravenous: Keep pace with demand by completing Acid Lab Resupply Missions — you’ll earn double the Supplies over the next seven days.

3. New vehicles & outfit

Ocelot Virtue

Ego meets eco with the all-new Ocelot Virtue (Super), an all-electric hypercar that comes track-steady and city ready, so you can show off your climate awareness and your tax exile status from behind the same wheel.

Ocelot Virtue

Intrepid trippers will earn Friedlander’s personal Virtue with a FriedMind livery for free by completing all the new missions in The Last Dose. The Virtue is also eligible for Imani Tech upgrades from the Agency Vehicle Workshop to safeguard it from potential peril. GTA+ Members can pick up the Ocelot Virtue now at Legendary Motorsport.

Willard Eudora

Once upon a time, we had so much hope. We thought humans would live on Mars, and everyone would have a robot best friend. Well, none of that happened, and all our dreams of excellence were dashed … except one.


Introducing the Willard Eudora Muscle Car. The shining hope of the Jet Age. Available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos or Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom, but only through March 29.

New outfit

Update your wardrobe by shopping for new Branded Cardigans and Wide Pants, available in the Tops and Designer Jeans sections of retail establishments citywide, respectively.

  • Black Enema Flourish Ski Mask
  • Teal Enema Flourish Ski Mask
  • Lime Leopard Slab Cap and Canvas Shoes
  • Floral Güffy Pool Sliders

4. Vehicle offers

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Stroll through the Premium Deluxe Motorsport exhibition space to get a closer look at this week’s selections — including the new Willard Eudora (Muscle), available for a limited time only. Take them for a trial run around the block, or buy directly from Simeon.

  • Willard Eudora (Muscle)
  • Invetero Coquette D10 (Sports)
  • Pegassi Toros (SUVs)
  • Vapid Bullet (Super)
  • Hijak Ruston (Sports, 50% off)

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Överflöd Tyrant (Super, 25% off)
  • Grotti X80 Proto (Super).

Other Vehicle Offerings This Week

  • This week’s top prize on the Lucky Wheel is a collector’s item in the Sports Classic class — the Pegassi Infernus Classic.
  • Prize Ride Challenge: Finish in the Top 3 in the Pursuit Series for three days running to earn this week’s Prize Ride, the Coil Brawler (Off-Road).
  • On the Test Track: Maibatsu Penumbra FF (Sports), Imponte Beater Dukes (Muscle, 50% off), and Cheval Taipan (Super, 25% off). Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
  • Premium Test Ride: Principe Deveste Eight (Super)
  • HSW Time Trial: Textile City — Stab City

5. Discounts

Luxury Autos Showroom

Join the troupe by picking up an MTL Brickade 6x6 (Service), complete with complimentary Acid Lab installation, and stock up on all Body Armor and Ammo (including Mk II rounds) — all for 30% off this week. Be sure to peruse all the deals on other vehicles, both below and in showrooms around Los Santos:

  • Declasse Weaponized Tampa (Muscle) – 25% off
  • Cheval Taipan (Super) – 25% off
  • Överflöd Tyrant (Super) – 25% off
  • Buckingham Miljet (Plane) – 25% off
  • Hijak Ruston (Sports) – 50% off
  • Imponte Beater Dukes (Muscle) – 50% off
  • Sea Sparrow (Helicopter) – 50% off
  • Stock up on weapons, ammo, and armor — all at below-market prices — by seeking out the Gun Van. In addition to the usual markdowns, the Heavy Rifle is 25% off, and GTA+ Members can purchase the Marksman Rifle for 45% off.

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