While vehicles are certainly important in GTA Online, players are usually on foot half of the time. Therefore, getting the right loadout is important, especially in free mode. Players have to go against NPCs and other players pretty often, and getting the most powerful weapon speed up the grinding process greatly.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the ultimate weapon loadout guide for GTA Online 2022.

1. AP Pistol

The AP pistol is the best handgun in the game due to its high fire rate and ease of use. Players can use it while driving in a vehicle or bike rather easily. Additionally, it can be equipped with a suppressor, making it one of the must-have guns for Cayo Perico.

Appistol Gtav
The only weakness this pistol has is its lower magazine size and range.

Its stability also allows players to score headshots very consistently.

2. Combat MG MK2

The combat MG MK2 is pretty much the most powerful MG in the game, with great damage, range, and the ability to equip special ammo. Using armor piercing ammunition on this gun can be highly effective against vehicles.

Combatmgmkii Gtav
Additionally, it is also a research weapon and is very expensive.

However, the weakness of the Combat MG Mk2 is its insane recoil, which makes the weapon really hard to control. You might want to try dealing with the problem by using the gun in the first-person perspective.

3. Special Carbine MK2

The Special Carbine MK2 is the main weapon of choice for many GTA Online players. While it is a MK2 weapon and players would need a lot of investments, we can guarantee that it is completely worth it.

Gta5 Weapon Specialcarbinemkii 1941 1080
Additionally, the Special Carbine MK2 is mostly about headshots, but players can still take down enemies by body shots normally.

The gun is good at pretty much everything. Its recoil is low so players can headshot easily. Its clip size is 60, which is more than enough for any gunfight. Players can even equip special ammo for the Special Carbine MK2 if they need the special utilities.

4. Heavy Sniper MK2

There is only one sniper you need in your loadout, and it is the Heavy Sniper MK2. It is highly accurate, dealing crazy damage, and can be equipped with special ammo. One shot can instantly kill a player most of the time, and even if you don't get a kill, your target would still be knocked over and exposed for a second hit.

Heavysnipermkii Gtav
Additionally, the gun also has a very good range and can hold up to a total of 36 rounds before needing to reload.

Players can blow up most non-armored vehicles with just one shot using this weapon and explosive rounds - it is one of the few handheld weapons that can compete with vehicles.

The only weakness of the Heavy Sniper MK2 is pretty much the same as all other MK2 weapons: they are very expensive.

5. Assault Shotgun

The Assault Shotgun is a very underrated weapon. It is very powerful at close range, with the ability to two-shot or three-shot pretty much everyone. The best part here is that its fire rate is so fast that the kill can almost be counted as one-shot.

Assaultshotgun Gtav Compressed
The magazine size of the Assault Shotgun is pretty decent for a weapon of the class.

If you have to go into any confined space, bringing this gun is a must. Just don't try it at range, as the spread is rather high.

6. RPG

For your heavy weapons, first, you would want the classic RPG. It is a great weapon against vehicles and campers hiding behind walls or on top of buildings.

Anything that you would need the homing launcher for can be done better with the Heavy Sniper MK2.

The benefit of choosing the RPG over the homing launcher is its higher amount of rockets, 20 compared to 10. It's also better at lining up a precise shot where you aim it rather than locking onto any passing vehicles.

7. Sticky Bomb

The sticky bomb is great for setting up traps, especially if you know where your enemies are going to spawn or attack. They can also be thrown and then detonated while aiming your main weapon.

Gta 5 Sticky Bombs Detonate
A sticky bomb explosion is a one-hit kill on most targets outside of the best vehicles.

You can have up to 5 sticky bombs active at any one time. They are also useful for throwing from your vehicle if you are trying to blow up a target.

8. Stone Hatchet

Overall, the best melee weapon in GTA Online is the Stone Hatchet. It is a one-hit kill weapon that can grant you near invincibility, as long as you carry on killing before the duration wears off.

Stone Hatchet
This is one of the few weapons in GTA with special powers.

While this might sound impressive, in reality, the weapon is much slower and hard to use. Either the user has to be really good or their enemies have to be really bad. Just use the shotgun instead.

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