GTFO is a 4-player co-op FPS game from 10 Chambers Collective. You will play as a prisoner who is kidnapped by a being called the Warden and locked in an underground facility that is full of monsters. You and other prisoners there will be forced to go through the facility and complete different tasks assigned by the Warden.

You can check out the gameplay trailer of GTFO below.

GTFO introduces players to a new concept of "RUN DOWN". RUN DOWN is the work order of tasks that the Warden gives you. Each icon will represent a mission that is placed in a different part of the facility. Each mission will have different challenges and difficulties. These missions are divided into tiers. Tiers that are lower on the RUN DOWN are placed deeper into the facility while being much harder than higher tiers. Each RUN DOWN has a timer. When this timer runs out, the current RUN DOWN will be replaced with a new one that has completely different challenges and works order.

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GTFO introduces a new RUN DOWN feature

You will be playing with 3 other players to complete these missions and explore the world inside the facility. You can play alone, but I am sure you wouldn't want to do that. These are hard-core missions that are designed for 4 players. You will run out all of your ammo and health before you can actually do anything.

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Don't even try to play alone as you will surely lose

The monsters here are extremely sensitive so try to be as sneaky as possible to avoid attention. The game doesn't have a voice chat system at the moment so you should communicate with your team through Discord to plan out ahead and work corporately. Discuss the strategy with your team before a run to decide what to equip and what tools to use. Try to focus to take down one enemy at a time with your team.

GTFO is coming to PC through Steam's Early Access later this year.