Mojang's Minecraft world is vast, making some mobs rare to find. A notable example is the blue Axolotl, one of five colors of this cute creature not naturally occurring. Another rare encounter is the Baby Zombie, which looks like a regular Zombie but only appears in 5% of Minecraft worlds. Spotting a Baby Zombie is uncommon, but one player recently had the chance to encounter this unusual mob.


Minecraft Blue Axolotl Mob
A blue Axolotl in Minecraft.

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A lucky player encounters Minecraft Baby Zombie mob

Minecraft Baby Zombie Mob Reddit

IAmNotARobot5544, a Reddit user had a rare experience in Minecraft encountering a Baby Zombie. The player captured the moment when the Baby Zombie unexpectedly appeared riding a pig and attacking. Using an enchanted sword, the player swiftly defeated both the pig and the Baby Zombie in one strike, causing the Baby Zombie to catch fire. Despite briefly mounting a chicken afterward, the burning Baby Zombie ultimately perished shortly thereafter, bringing an unexpected and memorable encounter to an end for the Minecraft player.

About Baby Zombie mob in Minecraft

Baby Zombies are known for their speed and rapid attacks, posing a challenge to Minecraft players because of their small size. They can ride different mobs in Minecraft, including adult pigs without saddles and occasionally chickens, though the latter only happens 0.25% of the time when chickens are absent. The chances of encountering a Baby Zombie equipped with enchanted gear are even slimmer for players in Minecraft.

Minecraft Baby Zombie Mob
Baby Zombies are known for their speed and rapid attacks.

Baby Zombies are not only among the rarest mobs in Minecraft but also one of the various Zombie variants found in Mojang's game. Another intriguing variant is the Geared Zombie, which spawns equipped with weapons and armor. If a Geared Zombie wears a helmet, it becomes immune to burning in daylight. Additionally, there's the Zombie Villager, an alternate form of the Villager that appears when a Villager is infected by a Zombie. Unlike other Zombie variants, Minecraft players can cure Zombie Villagers back into regular Villagers.

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