Replay is a very strong and easy-to-use mod for recording games in Minecraft. It has many features that let players make videos of their gameplay in any way they like. Fans are excited for the mod's version for the 1.21 update, but it's not available yet. So, they'll have to wait a bit before they can record their adventures with new features like trial chambers and the breeze.

As fans anticipate the Replay mod for Minecraft 1.21, here's a complete rundown of what it offers and the unique features it brings.

What is Replay mod in Minecraft?

Many videos demonstrate cinematic replays of Minecraft gameplay using multiple angles, moving cameras, timelapse shots, and more. Players often wonder how it's done, but the answer is quite simple.

Replay Mod In Minecraft

Replay offers more than just basic Minecraft gameplay recording. Unlike many screen recorders, which simply capture gameplay, this mod is integrated into the game itself. It lets players freely control the camera in third-person view, adjust the speed of the footage, and zoom in and out as they wish.

Replay mod in Minecraft: Features

Replay also includes a variety of tools, like position and time key-framing, to enhance the recording and editing experience.

With the position keyframe, players can direct the camera in any desired direction. The time keyframe lets them choose the exact start and end points of the replay. By using these features together, alongside options such as speeding up gameplay, players can craft impressive and dynamic videos.

Replay also offers a range of rendering settings. It includes essential options to adjust the rendering method, recording format, video resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. These capabilities surpass those typically found in basic screen-recording tools, providing more control and flexibility for creating high-quality videos.

Another excellent feature of this mod is that all replays can be saved and accessed directly from the game menu. Players don't need to close or minimize the game to open another folder and find their video files.

As of now, Replay developers have not announced a compatible version for the Minecraft Tricky Trials update. Players will need to wait for the new version to be released or use an older version of the game with the mod to record their replays.