When we looked at EGX 2019's title, we've found this strange game from the indie developer Milksop Games. Its name is Heads N Tails: Mythical Pet Shop - a simple drag-and-drop game about satisfying the most demanding customers over this universe - the pets.

At that date, we haven't got chances to play its demo, but with this final release, it's safe to say that this will become one of my best relaxing games. You can have a brief look into its gameplay right here while waiting for the download to finish:

Overview on Heads N Tails: Mythical Pet Shop

When the developer Milksop Games names this game "Heads N Tails", it's not to say that it's a game of tossing a coin, but literally 'heads' and 'tails'. Instead, the second part of the game's name is better to portray the overall concept of it. To be more specific, Heads N Tails: Mythical Pet Shop is a game where you running your own shop and meet the demand of the strangest creatures ever.

One might know how to take your dogs or cats to bath, or polishing their nails, but how about a dragon? It's only one of many mythical creatures that you will meet in this game, and there are a lot of other unique fantasy pets as well, such as yetis or reindeer. The game consists of two levels, and each of them will give you different kinds of customers to serve.

Heads N Tails Mythical Pet Shop Free Itch Io 3
Including orcs and polar bears as well!

Gameplay features

The tasks that you have to carry vary from many types: from washing the pets to feed them. Furthermore, each of them has a specific taste with their demands. Some might prefer their foods to be burnt, while some want raw. The same goes for bathing, as some prefer hot water and some love showering cold. Meeting everything that they require is going to be a real headache!

Heads N Tails Mythical Pet Shop Free Itch Io 1
The polar bears often love their food raw

After all, you're not working the whole time. You have your own life too with your own eating, cooking and other stuff as well, so you'll have to balance your normal life and works. However, those mythical creatures are not the most patient ones either, and they might get grumpy if you let them wait for a while, and will leave with anger if you forget their demands.

Heads N Tails Mythical Pet Shop Free Itch Io 2
There are the ice level and the fire level, each has its own citizens

That's very crucial since your shop will be ranked based on how satisfied your customers are. In exchange, your shop is full of facilities that can hold those pets' trust for long if you don't fail your jobs. The fun thing about this game is that it won't give you any hint on what you can do with that equipment, and you'll have to figure it out on your own.

Heads N Tails Mythical Pet Shop Free Itch Io 4
There are a lot of equipment, but zero instructions

Heads N Tails: Mythical Pet Shop is now available on Itch.io, which you can download for free!