If you're really into the heroic acts of stealing from the wealthy to and give to the poor, Plunder Pack is the game for you. From the former staff of Zoink Games - the developer behind many famous titles, such as Flipping Death or Ghost Giant, Plunder Pack will give you the best experience intruding into the houses if the rich stealthily!

This game brings some vibes of the classic Neighbor From Hell series, but with quirky visuals of a fantasy world. You can see the reveal trailer of the game below, and be sure to have your earphones on to hear the news-like reveal:

The story of Plunder Pack

The core staff from Zoink Games has left in 2018 with the aim of creating their own "passion project", and we haven't heard anything about them since then. Until now, they finally come back with the name Friendly Fire - a studio in Sweden, introducing their latest brainchild - Plunder Pack.

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 5
Plunder Pack is the "passion project" of former Zoink Games developers

Basically, Plunder Pack is a stealth puzzle game taking the settings of a fantasy world, where the citizens are anthropomorphic animals. And like our real world, the rich have been making money from the tears and efforts of the poor, and laws are only made to serve the enforcer. Hence, the inhabitants here need help from 'good' illegal crew.

And yes, they've got it. You'll take control of the thieves crew consist of an anteater, a hare, and a bear, commit burglary to help the poor. Together, they'll sneak in the house of the rich, steal their most valuable stuff, and then use (some of) the money they've got to share with the poor.

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 4
The thieves look very badass!

The rich have known about them and their act for a long time, and they cannot stand this case any longer. Facing the wicked force that desperate to stop them, could the crew be able to continue their heroic heists?

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 1
You've known too much to be caught by the police!

Gameplay feature

As I've mentioned, Plunder Pack is a stealth puzzle game, where you'll control the members of the crew to breach into the houses of the rich and steal some of their luxurious stuff. The house will be protect by several guards, so you'll have to lure them out to secure your shot. Stay away from their sight and run away as soon as you've got your targets!

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 9
Distract the guard to make it to the place with the targets

The gameplay of this game is quite straight forward, which focuses mainly on scouting and trying again and again. Each of your trials will grant you some experience on how you can interact with the objects to distract the guards and which tools are suitable for pulling off the heists. Trial and death as you might say about this mechanics, but this game doesn't have any deaths.

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 7
Investigate the place before finding the tools and the methods you need!

Furthermore, from the trailer and the early images of the game, I'm quite sure that there will be more members joining the gang in the future, as well as additional gadgets that you can craft through various heists. Little is known about those features, and we'll have to wait for further reveal from Friendly Fire in the future.

Plunder Pack Stealth Puzzle Game 8
Additional members and gadgets will come in the full release

Release date and supported platform

Unfortunately, Plunder Pack is still pretty far from us at this moment. The developer has planned to bring the game out at an unknown date in early 2021.

At launch, Plunder Pack will support PC and some major consoles. Mobile devices will also receive the game at the same time.