Headspun is the forthcoming title from the British indie developer - Superstring. Previously, it showed some of its actions to the public with a reveal trailer back in March 2018.

However, at that time, there's no exact date of when the game releases. Until now, as the developer has announced its specific release dates.

Let's watch Headspun's control trailer here before getting into the Cortex:

The story of Headspun

I think most of us have heard about the five personalized colorful emotions in Inside Out. Well, Headspun is very similar to the Pixar movie, which lets you see what the human is seeing through a view-screen inside his head.

Headspun Coming For Pc Consoles This August 1
It's like Pixel, but only with two main characters

Headspun starts as Theo Kavinsky wakes up from a long 5-week coma. As the cause of the accidents, he no longer has any memories of what happened to him in the accidents previously.

That's when his inner voices kick in. Ted - the operator of the Cortex - or you can call him the logical side of Theo will have to guide Theo back on the track. However, Ted won't be able to do his job smoothly, as Theo has another side too. Teddy - the primal emotional side of Theo is not always with what Ted thinks is the best.

Headspun Coming For Pc Consoles This August 2
Theo must be a toxic person inside ...

Normally, this two will struggle to work with each other. Just like our mind and our heart never have the same idea. However, in order to retrieve back the memories for Theo, Ted and Teddy must settle their arguments, and start working with the other. After all, it's always best to maintain the balance between the rational and emotional sides!

However, only Ted and Teddy is not enough to get Theo to remember about the accidents. To fix the broken Cortex, they must collect Neuros throughout the game to hire more staff the get his brain functioning.

Headspun Coming For Pc Consoles This August 5
Ted and Teddy needs assistance from more staff

About the gameplay

The developer has described Headspun as a hybrid title that consists of features from the FMV and Adventure genres.

The adventure part is quite easy to understand, as you'll have to find out what happened in the accidents. Basically, we are controlling through our screen the people that control Theo through a screen. It's kind of quirky, but fascinating at the same time. Theo will explore the mystery by investigating many places, obeying the commands of Ted and Teddy.

Headspun Coming For Pc Consoles This August 3
Ted and Teddy also explore the inner part of Theo's body as well.

That's when the FMV shines. If you haven't heard of this genre, FMV is short for full 'Full Motion Video'. Specifically, it's a video game genre that features a narration technique that mainly based on pre-recorded videos. This means that most of your story will be portrayed through videos of real-life things instead of vectors, sprites, 3D models or any CG.

In Headspun, you'll see the real world through Theo's eyes. You can already see it from the trailer, as there are scenes that Theo wakes up with a bunch of string on his arm, or the scene where Theo interacts with a nurse. The game will feature rich FMV story-telling, and all of these scenes are pre-recorded at a working hospice in Surrey.

Headspun Coming For Pc Consoles This August 4
You take full control of Theo through a widescreen

This game is the product that shows the loves of the developer to the FMV genres, so we can expect it to be extraordinary!

When will it come out?

Headspun is heading to PC on Steam in August. The exact date is August 28, and Xbox One, PS4, and Switch will receive the game on the same day.

It's quite soon now, but you can add it to your wishlist to receive the notification when it comes out.

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